Is Burning Blade an English EU server?

Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
I'm trying to find an English speaking EU server but I'm seeing conflicting info. Is Burning Blade an English EU server? If not, what servers are?
Never mind. After a lot more digging, I discovered that my account is locked to Oceanic and America. Apparently I have to buy the game again so I can find a guild that raids when I play. FML
Are you in EU? Because it's likely you won't want to play with the ping there...It'll probably be upwards of 300-400 ping constant while playing on an EU account, which can make the game unplayable, especially at higher level raiding/PvP. There are guilds out there that do play late night... You just have to find them. I know Illidan has a pretty large Asian population, so if you can get passed the language barrier, there's that. Can't particularly remember the Aussie server, but there is one, since apparently they are considered Oceanic.

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