Your preferred way of listening to music...

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...while playing?

I'll set some sort of playlist on Youtube to play in the background, usually.

How about you?
Load up VLC and hit play.

I mostly don’t like hearing wow so I have it’s music off, and sound effects toned down with only speech still at 100%
my ipod
The in game music:

It is really pretty awesome. It also goes with what is happening.
I usually just have a YouTube playlist going.

I listen to in-game music the first few times I'm in new zones, but when I eventually get bored of it, I mute the in-game music and fire up playlists. Usually metal, but my playlists are all over the place. I've occasionally played soundtracks from previous WoW expansions in current expansions.
Google Play Music
Thumbs up playlist
09/15/2018 06:58 PMPosted by Kypookins
The in game music:

It is really pretty awesome. It also goes with what is happening.

I agree with this, to me it would feel wrong not to!!
I use a few Methods:

MusicBee is a GREAT free media player that you can get in the Microsoft Store, or download directly from the MusicBee Website. It has some limitations of course, but it's the best media player around these days (as far as I'm concerned).

I've been using MusicBee for a number of years as I've a fairly large library of MP3 files. I just start the app and let it shuffle through all of my songs as I play Wow.

Two other sources that I use for background music are Pandora and Spotify. I like both (though I don't use Pandora Prime so it's more limited in use as compared to Spotify).

I have Spotify Prime which I like because I can save entire albums to my library (don't have to pay for any of the albums that I save) and I can play them as many times I want for the same monthly subscription fee.

I have lots of albums in my Spotify Library and between all three music sources, I have plenty of music to listen to when I play WoW.
Usually it's with my ears. I tried once with my nose, but it didn't go well.
Since I haven't capped yet, I'm not playing any music so that I can here the audio for the cut scenes. But normally, I play spotify in the background.
Have a nice day.
pffft. i can't listen to wow nor music at my house.
i've had to alt f4 out of dungeons (so sorry)
Not in this game, but when I play Path of Exile I prefer to listen to vinyl records. Back when I used to play WoW consistently it was anything but the in-game music (got really repetitive), from MP3/downloads to cassettes.
Turn off in game music and replace it with rpg games music. Mostly Oblivion and some Final Fantasy.
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It really whips the llama's !@#.
I used to download all of my music, once the hard drive in my old computer failed I switched to primarily YouTube playlists and I will still occasionally download some of those more hard to find albums simply because they aren't available on YouTube.
10/02/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Jerauld

Good ol' winamp! <3

Not only can it play standard audio formats, but it can play spc files as well. They're tracks ripped directly from SNES games, playing with the intro before looping the rest of the song. Definitely my #1 favorite audio program.
Alone in my room, via Youtube. Preferably in the dark.

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