[A] <Dies Irae> Recruiting Ranged DPS & More!

Looking for a mature and goal-oriented Heroic raid team? Dies Irae is the guild for you!

    Many of us have been together for several years, and we’re looking to make our new home on Turalyon server. We pride ourselves on maintaining a relaxed and welcoming guild and raid community, and we’re looking to add more like-minded players to our raid team as progress through Uldir.

    All players are welcome, but we are especially in need of a frost/unholy death knight, beast mastery/marksmanship hunter, and a rogue of any spec. Social Members looking for a home and those interested in pushing Mythic+ are welcome as well!

    Raid Day's: Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00pm to 1:00am eastern.
    Current Progression: 8/8 N, 5/8 H

For more information, feel free to add one of us on battletag.
    Sikoru (bnet: sikoru#1340, discord: sikoru#1340)
    Guerisser (bnet:Guerrie#1803, discord: Guerrie#0017)
    Kaleita (bnet:lizajane#1447, discord: Melirra#1923)

Welcome to Turalyon!
Thanks Sieara! Glad I could be here! It's a great community!
welcome man
Great group of guys and gals so far! Looking forward to jumping into Uldir this week!

If you're looking to be a part of something at the onset then this is the place for you! Don't be shy!
Still looking for more members!
Quick bump. First raid was awesome. Stepping back into Uldir tmrw night for more!
Sikoru is good people, Laid back and fair. Def recommend this guild, and glad your finally on Turalyon !! If you didn't raid same days I would be happy to help fill spots until more is recruited. Glad your first raid went well !! =)
Still recruiting! Thank you, Jaharra for the kind words.
Up up up!
Recruiting a tank and others!
Still recruiting!
Still recruiting!
This guild is made up of such good people. I'm so glad I stumbled across them and get to be a part of their family now. (Totally worth a realm transfer.)
We got 2 new bosses down this week! Thanks Halah for the kind works, and as always it's a pleasure to have found you!
Still recruiting! Need a tank!
G'huun down!

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