Vicious war mounts from arena?

What are the criteria for getting the vicious war mounts (like the new clefthoof) from arena? I've been told it's no longer 100 3's wins or 40 rbg wins for one mount per season, but I can't find an explanation for what the new system is.
I think that I started getting progress towards the Vicious Clefthoof after...somewhere between 1100 and 1400? Quite a bit less than 1% per win in 2v2

It says above Contender rank but having trouble finding anything about that. Maybe they meant Combatant?

As for the saddles I'm not sure anybody knows. Blizzard changed a few things up and as far as I know haven't commented on them.
Once you hit rank I believe.
I didn't notice any % until that point.
hit H or open your honour tab, go to Rated, on the Right side of the Window you'll see your current honour level. Below that, it'll show your current ranking (title, like Rival.) as well as the rewards available at your next ranking. (For Example, Next Ranking = Duelist, available at 2100, rewards are Enchant, Cloak, ETC.) below that, it'll show you your season reward. (Vicious War Clefthoof)

If you mouse over the season reward, it'll show you your progress towards earning it as an experience bar and a percentage, along with the information "Win Rated PvP matches during season 1 while at Contender or higher"

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