Barthilas - <Log Horizøn>

Hi! I’m Dee

And this is <Log Horizøn>

This guild was made from a small group of friends who just want to get content done, I wouldn’t consider us casual, nor semi hardcore. We are that sweet spot in between.

We are a good mix of fun and professional. We like a mature, drama free and a relaxed raiding environment. Not worrying to much about what is flavor of the month in terms of numbers and or raid comps, play what you want!

But in saying that, we do like to complete content with little stress since some of us don't have a lot of time in the week for progression.

We like to do all kinds of content through out the week, and looking to build on our core team, being a fresh guild to the expansion.

At this stage we aim to raid Wednesday and Monday nights. and try to be GMT+8 and +10 friendly with raid times being 10.30pm to 12.30am ST (EST).

Looking for a dps and healers to round off our raid team.

Come join <Log Horizøn> Feel free to contact myself through my tag if you are interested.

Looking for some more, round up Uldir raiding and looking into 8.1
Looking for more dps and a healer.
do you guys do other than raid like m+
Still looking for more dps, A warlock would be awesome.

10/25/2018 05:31 AMPosted by Takuya
do you guys do other than raid like m+

Yeah we do Mythic + runs through out the week.

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