Boycotting Blizzcon

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I say we boycott the forums!! That will teach them!!
Im not boycotting anything. I am still enjoying the game.
09/18/2018 05:12 AMPosted by Oniana
paying for a virtual ticket to something that is actually advertisement for blizzard is the dumbest thing i have heard related to this game. if you buy it you are an embarassment
Some people want to see the panels and such without having to pay for airfare, hotel, and putting up with hundreds of people around them who hopefully shower regularly. Oh, and without paying venue marked-up food/beverage prices that make Whole Foods prices look like the dollar store.
09/18/2018 05:11 AMPosted by Vorsino
09/18/2018 04:49 AMPosted by Carceri

You've already given them too much money to claim "boycott."

I don't think you understand what boycott means.
Then that would make two of you.
Well I'm pretty sure a lot of people also wanted the mounts last year. Not sure what they're offering this year?
Why is OP always cringe nowadays?
That does seem pretty expensive. Unless you want the goodies that come with it you’ll be able to watch a lot of the announcements/events on twitch/YouTube shortly after I’m sure. If you’re a fan of other Blizzard games it’s probably worth it. The OW World Cup event is probably the most hype, especially if US plays South Korea again.

Sure WoW isn’t in a great state right now but the Blizzcon expierience should still be a lot of fun, whether that’s in person or virtually.
I'm looking forward to the very cringy costume contest

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