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what do you guys think the best RP non mechanical goblin mount would be?

or is there not really one.

the noise from the mechanical ones end up giving me a small headache when i play a lot.
So... the chopper and bikes are out?

This could be a tough one. Not sure if it is in your collection but what about one of them giant ape-type mounts? Like the Yeti from Draenor Winter Veil. Seems like having a large brute of a mount could be something a Goblin would do. After all don't they employ ogres as bodyguards / mounts? I can't fly but I could see it working.

EDIT: According to Warcraftmounts.com they are called Gronnlings. Not the same thing as the Crampus from Winter Veil like I thought, but work even better. There are three currently still available to obtain if you are interested.
Gorestrider Gronnling:
    Achievement: Glory of the Draenor Raider

Coalfist Gronnling:
    This purple variant of the gronnling mount is a reward for a rare garrison mission, Breaker Two.

Sunhide Gronnling:
    Poundfist in Gorgrond.

i have the coalfist one. thanks for the help. i also have the core hound mount which is equally ridiculous in size.

thanks for the help
When it comes to non mechanical mounts, I'm partial to the Grand Expedition Yak myself. Because of course a goblin would go with something big, flashy, and expensive.
A blinged out hawkstrider, maybe? The blood elves do love their flashy mounts. There's also the golden-armored raptor from the deluxe edition of BFA.

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