PvP Scaling Ruins Ret

The thought occurred to me the other day that Retribution is a spec that relies upon high single target damage with low mobility.

I think the breakdown comes from the fact that in Pvp damage is artificially scaled.

I think this scaling is what breaks the spec which is to rely on high damage but has it limited.
I see nothing wrong with how I am scaling... I out dmg 90% of specs i verse. revamp your toolkit if you are not outputting. perhaps reroll azerite traits etc.
Ret damage is fine in pvp, but I do fully agree that 'high damage low mobility' class fantasy has no place in a game where mobility in pvp and raid is of utmost importance.
Damage and off healing is fine, mobility is not. It's a somewhat fair balance imo. The problem is the upcoming patch is going to nerf off healing for most hybrids... sooo... rip ret pally
I'm not saying our damage is low. I'm fine in that department.

I'm just saying I think a majority of the dislike people have for Ret esp. in PvP is that a key element of the spec is to deal high single target damage.

Blizzard artificially sets how much damage we do in PvP. Whereas other classes are built off of "Utilize stealth and CC to overpower your opponent" "Use a variety of Damage Over Time Abilities while remaining mobile" etc.

The core mechanic of Ret is our high single target damage, which we have little to no part of outside of doing a rotation correctly and that damage is determined by the PvP Scaling system.

This is why I think we ask for more utility so often even at the cost of nerfing our damage because it returns control of the spec into the players hands to use their utility as they see fit rather than simply be told "You're a Paladin, hit things until they die."

Doing lots of damage should not be a core class mechanic that defines the spec. Having unique abilities and utility that one can leverage against an opponent should be.

PvP Scaling effectively makes Paladins homogeneous.
so wear ilvl 300 gear that's properly stated... i mean.. like this is a gearing issue, toss your trinkets in the dumpster grab a deathbringers will and a hand of jusice from ICC and BRD, throw on some old school SoO gear with plenty of sockets and then you're g2g
Y'all don't read.

I melt people, I am saying my damage is fine.

I'm just making the point that MECHANICALLY high single target damage is supposed to be a hallmark of the class.

I think it makes people upset when that damage is artificially limited by things outside of their own control.

Versus classes with utility that have creative freedom to use a large spellbook and rely more on their ability synergy than just doing really high damage to compensate.

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