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Yeah i am not talking about deleted posts from mods

I open a thread i see like one post and 12 pages, the page is missing all other posts
I refresh the page then all the posts gets loaded back up

Is this ^ something on my end that's causing this, or is this perceived generally by others here as well??
Yes. I'm seeing this too - and created a thread in GD about it. From the posts there you can see others are experiencing it.
This actually kept happening to me as well. Good to know I wasn't going crazy.
Same, reloading/going back and reclicking solved it.
I've noticed that replying to threads sometimes means that I'll see this happen, and when I refresh the thread usually my reply is there. But, I've also sometimes lost posts to this new forum bug.
Just happened to me. Refreshing didn't fix it, but going out to GD and then back into the thread did. Could have been a timing issue.

Also, no matter how many times I 'refresh' the main GD page, the post update count on threads doesn't update. I can see threads I have posted replies in, some where I was the fourth or fifth person replying, but the forum says they have zero replies.

And sometimes, the few times I start a thread, it takes like ten minutes for it to show up in the forums, and by then it's always already on page two. But I start so few threads this may be a working as intended delay for new threads.
09/11/2018 10:16 AMPosted by Ythisens
This actually kept happening to me as well. Good to know I wasn't going crazy.

Oh, I was having this happens sometimes with my own posts after making them.

Then they'd pop back up there, when I'd go to try to edit/repost.
Keeps happening on my pc and mobile.

What did the Gnomes mess up this time?
Its gotten worse now............. -_-
09/20/2018 03:36 PMPosted by Wariya
Its gotten worse now............. -_-

Yeah, it's not just bad - it's actually worsening.
I reload a page and posts I saw often aren't there anymore. They come back after a few reloads. Post history also sometimes to show the proper number of likes a post has. When replying to a thread, it may fail and spamming attempts can get a double post inside the 1 min post CD.

That's all I've seen in the last few days.
Ditto for me.

Dunno if I'd say it's worsening, it's just been present and somewhat consistent when i refresh a page too quickly while it was loading something else. Which may or may not have anything at all to do with the problem. Only thing I've noticed that's formed a rough pattern.
Yah its getting even worse than it was before. It now happens more often than not and you have to refresh the thread, sometimes multiple times, before all the posts are visible.
Also experiencing this issue. Someone call the forum engineer!

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