Impassive Visage not working in raid

Bug Report
The tooltip for the "Impassive Visage" Azerite trait reads as: "When you take damage, heal for 2,944. Cannot occur more than once every 6 sec."

This tooltip makes it seem like it's a guaranteed 2,944 heal every time you take damage, with a 6 second cooldown. So in a raid environment, where you are constantly taking damage over the duration of the encounter, I'd expect a 2,944 heal every 6 seconds or so.

However, in raids, it's healing way, way less often than that. As an example, here is a combat report showing it heal only 6 times on a 7m56s encounter:

Here you can see my character constantly taking damage over that encounter:

For that fight's duration and incoming damage profile, I would expect the trait to heal 60 to 90 times, not 6.

This issue is not specific to he G'huun fight. I see it happening in every raid encounter.

Steps to reproduce
1 - Have the Impassive Visage azerite trait active
2 - Complete any Uldir raid encounter
(This will obviously cause you to take damage multiple times over a few minutes)
3 - Check combat log

Expected Behavior
When constantly taking damage over a prolonged period, player is healed every 6 seconds by Impassive Visage

Observed Behavior
Player is rarely healed by Impassive Visage despite taking damage constantly

This behavior is frustrating as the tooltip makes it seem like a strong defensive trait, but in reality it's mostly useless.
Looking through logs to see where its triggered:

At 3:13, it looks like the AoE, Mind Numbing Chatter, from the add triggered it. This also happened ~ 3:45 and 5:54. Triggers at 1:22 and 1:23 was from Blighted Ground on both players. Blighted ground has a direct damage component for stepping into it followed by a DoT I believe.
Just looked through an LFR log on Mother; taking a lot of aoe damage but Impassive visage only appears to trigger on melee damage. Here is a link showing 3 players including tank and correlation between melee damage and Impassive Visage procs:,%2061%25,%2043%25)%24damage%241%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%247670275.0.0.Priest%24false%241%5E0%24Separate%24%23a0a0a0%24healing%240%240.0.0.Any%247670275.0.0.Priest%24true%247670275.0.0.Priest%24false%24270117&source=1

Seeing 1 or 2 triggers for non-tanks in a 6 minute fight taking aoe damage for much of fight.

Looking at OP links, same conclusion as Nich, looks like only some damage is triggering. For Bwario, Impassive Visage procs line up directly with damage from:
- Blighted Ground
- Mind-numbing Chatter

Feels like something is not workng as intended; or at least not working as described: "when taking damage".
Bump. Only procced twice on G'huun, from Mind-numbing Chatter. Appears to mostly work on other bosses for me.
When Impassive Visage procs, it should show the Imp Vis icon in the upper right corner, just like with other traits, right? Well, I have 2 Impassive Visage traits activated, as of yesterday, and while doing ordinary questing I have yet to see the Imp Vis icons appear.

So, am I wrong about the icon showing when it's proc'ing, or is Impassive Visage broken?

EDIT: Moved to GD forum.
impassive visage only procced once on g'huun fight for me
From what I can see in my own logs Zul is the only fight where it procs correctly. It procs very rarely on all other bosses.

The worst one is MOTHER. It doesn't proc at all. The only thing that ever hits me in that fight is the Defensive Grid, which doesn't proc it, and everything else is avoidable. But Defensive Grid hurts a lot, I want that heal.

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