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I played wow late 2004, 2005 and the only form of raiding I did was the 10man ubrs, I was never good enough for raiding.

Next came BC this was the time my younger brother started playing wow but we didn’t have much money so he shared my account and I used the old subscription card we used to buy at our local game store, that is how I was able to play

We joined a guild and started raiding, we usually took turns on bosses so while he takes on one boss I’ll take on the other. Unfortunately our guild was quite hardcore so we could not come to every raid, we got upset when our guild killed illidan without us even though we progressed with them in the black temple, they needed different classes to kill illidan so our rogue did not make the cut.

Come Wotlk, me and my brother started focusing on just one character for raiding..our rogue, we had other characters for when one of us wanted to do world content on our own time. We did all the raids and still took turn on boss kills, ulduar was our best raid and our most memorable moment was the XT boss Me, my brother and our guild all cracked up laughing when we first heard him speak, we wiped very quickly.

Ice crown was next, this was the time our computer started to show its age, most notable the bone boss, during bone storm the frame drop was insane, we were able to upgrade eventually and the first boss was not a problem anymore. We always did the bosses so I ended up fighting the final boss of the raid. Except he fought yogg in ulduar. By this point I got burnt out due to the raid wings releasing separate, so I just wanted to finish icc and officially quit the game. We cleared and I quit.

My brother still stayed and finished the expansion, he officially became the new account holder. And my rogue I once created for myself which eventually became our rogue and has officially still to this day, is now his rogue.

During the end of cata I created a new account for myself which is this account and during mop is when I started dedicating my time to raiding.

What was your first raiding experience?
Wanted to get into raiding SOOOO bad, however on the small realm I'm on, there was only a handful of raiding guilds. I joined one after another hoping to go, until I saw spam advertising when their raid times were, so I joined.

I stayed with this guild a whole year trying to join one of their raids. I was friendly with everyone, even farmed for HOURS killing slimes for that disgusting oozeling pet to donate to the guild's contest/raffle they'd put on.

Finally one day the GM told me they had a spot and to bring my main. I was so excited. I watched videos of all the fights beforehand, and came flasked, gemmed, enchanted, prepared, with even stuff to give away in case someone else needed something.

We're downing boss after boss after boss, and I'm in the top 3 DPS, no deaths, and I'm loving it. We finally get to the last boss (which dropped something I really really needed and wanted), when suddenly the GM asks to hold up for 5min. He then whispers me and asks me if I wouldn't mind leaving. His wife (by the way, who had her own raiding clique in the guild and they'd go off raiding alone themselves away from the guild) just got back home and she wanted her spot back to get her weekly kill. He was asking me to leave so she could log on and join them for this last kill.

It took me eternity to hit the "Yes" option for "Are you sure you want to leave?" but what else could I do? I left.

After I got zoned out, I just stared at the ground in front of my character, stunned at what just happened. Roughly 30mins later, the GM whispers me back asking if I was there. My hopes were raised that maybe he came to his senses about what he did to me wasn't right. I was wrong. He said he was logging off now and would I mind monitoring guild chat in case anyone broke any rules, and to take screenshots if they did? Then he logged out. I left the guild with all my alts that day.

I tried so hard to get into raiding, and the few other guilds I joined after that had no interest. I was getting frustrated, and I told myself if I get too frustrated over this, the game would no longer be an enjoyment to me, so I gave it up altogether.
My first max level raid was curator in karazhan. I was undergeared and underprepared, and I was just there to....Im actually not sure what my role was there. They probably wouldve been better off 9 manning it. We didnt kill it.

My first 25 man was with the same guild, Gruul's Lair. My brother was watching voer my shoulder and we were in awe the entire time at the massive scale of the raid, bosses, and group size.
I raided wod heavily until you stole demon form from us, locks been dead ever since
This was my first main. I did some LBRS & UBRS with some random folks just doing random pugs, and they were otherwise a guild group. They said I did pretty good, so they invited me to come to their raid, this was right at the start of Molten Core when it first went live.

They invited me on Friday night, I spent Saturday making sure I got attuned in nothing but the dungeon blues and my one epic the Elemental Mage Staff, and then Sunday night made it to start the raid. I remember 40 of us gathered up and starting to attack those first two Molten Giants that start out the instance. It was awesome I was hooked on raiding immediately. It was a long long night, but so much fun. We downed Lucifron, Magmadar, and Gehennas, but then wiped like crazy at Garr. I loved every minute of it.

Eventually I became the guilds class leader for our Mages. We moved through BWL, and into AQ40.

The guild blew up over poor loot policy one weekend while I was away for Thanksgiving. I came back and it was just devastated, the high end raiders all took off for a different guild because we kept bleeding a lot of gear to carries and those who rarely showed up and then stopped coming, so so much we needed for progression got lost. And it made us hit a wall in AQ we just couldn't dig ourselves out of, and while the problem wasn't something I didn't see coming, the problem had been simmering for a bit, but too few people wanted to change the loot rules to something more sane that would have prevented the blow up, it was surprising when the final straw broke.

I wound up leaving the remnants of the guild and joining our servers most hardcore guild, and with them got through AQ40, and nearly all the way through Naxx40 before BC.

Still have friends in the game that I play with on occasion when they resubscribe from those earliestdays though. It's been great.

For a long stretch after BC I had to stop raiding as hard, and focus more on RL and go casual in the game. I swapped mains to a DK in Wrath. And did finally start raiding again with folks in HFC during Warlords, and made a bunch of new friends, and funny enough it was someone from my very first guild that introduced me to them and got me back into raiding. I did jump to a new guild nearly a year ago then to get into Mythic raiding, and have made more friends and have enjoyed progression with them through ToS & Antorus, and higher level m+.

All in all though, the raiding experiences I have had over the years have been great and introduced me to a lot of great people.
Dinged 70 with my friend, grinded gold for flying mount, guild leader quit, took over as GM, we got into running heroics, got ourselves keys to Karazhan, got more of us running heroics, and built a ten person raid team, and we had ourselves some fun.

Glorious days. Good people and good fun.
I started in vanilla raiding MC and Ony. I played a priest so I actually had guilds ask me all the time if I wanted to come raid and it didn’t take me too long to accept. I was extremely happy when I got benediction. I was on top of the world. Nothing really feels quite like that now.
Forming a raid to kill all the faction leaders was so satisfying, especially when they were tuned for level 60s
My very first I think was during BC. My guild attempted Karazhan one night, we never made it past the first boss and everyone eventually left.

I didn't do raids again until Wrath. My first one there was a pug 25 Naxx run. We got to the first spider boss and I died early on. Was immediately kicked for not knowing mechanics. xD Kind of deserved that as I actually didn't know them.

But after those rocky starts things got better. I managed to pug OS, EoE and VoA a lot. And I made some casual attempts on Ulduar, ToC and ICC too. Didn't usually get very far, but it's the experience that counts.
My first raiding experience kinda sucked.

It was in Wotlk, I did VoA 10 and then 25. It was awesome, even though VoA was kinda considered not a real raid.

I grinded all of the ICC 5 man Heroics till I got everything i needed, went to sleep that monday night determined to go into ICC 10 and 25 man. Woke up that tuesday morning to my character naked, turns out I got hacked *\o/*

A week later Blizzard restored my character and I finally went into ICC 10/25 and I've been an off and on casualish raider since.
I was healing on my druid in MC. My best friend got me into the game and once I hit max level, the guild helped gear me out so I can heal MC because, back then, resto was the 'only' druid spec.

Naturally, a portion of our raid took turns going afk while the rest of the raid cleared trash. Took so long to clear trash that it was acceptable. I'd go to Little Caesar's for a hot and ready pizza and come back in time for the first boss.

Then, after the first boss, another portion of the raid was afk and you could see them littering the instance where they went AFK.

Ultimately, I just did what my RL told us to do in vent and that was it. We'd get to Ragnaros and I'd see this giant behmoth spawn on my screen. Couldn't zoom back far enough to get his entire image on my screen lol. We were all orientated relatively spaced out over the swirl partitions of land. Killed him and got my first purple. We used DKP at the time but everyone was geared by the time I hit MC that I got most of the loot.

I think the only thing that diminished the magic of my first raid was the presence of a raid lead, as counterintuitive as that sounds. The reason was because I didn't have to think for myself. All I knew was that I had to heal everyone and go where my RL told us to go. That's it. Our RL micromanaged our cds so that kind of diminished the magic. Didn't have to look at the raid frames to make an 'executive' decision. All I had to do was listen for a call for my cd and that was it.
Played a priest in Vanilla, was part of a small friends-only guild that had recently server transferred to avoid the crazy login queues on Warsong. We merged with another smallish guild and started raiding MC around late 2005.

First night of raiding I took my dungeon blue-clad self into the core of the planet and got my tier 1 shoulders from Sulfuron Harbinger. A few weeks later I had my Benediction. We only progressed up to about 80% of AQ (Twin Emperors were our limit) but I'm glad we took the plunge.

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