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Are there even people who do RAF post Blizz gutting it and the absurd leveling changes?
I guess some people might do it for the mount.

It's kind of like the Order Hall gear that was obsolete 3 weeks into Legion. Not only did they keep it unchanged, but when the Broken Shore opened, they introduced rare upgrade tokens. When people pointed out that the gear was a really bad deal compared to, like, any other source of gear, they were told that it was "not for everybody".

Only for people who don't know better.
I wouldn’t refer a friend to play in the first place.
Oh wow. I didn't know they nerfed RAF. I just looked up the changes, and damn that's harsh.

It's probably because of people like me who abused it to level our own alts by spamming dungeons.

They probably weren't selling enough boosts when you could just pay for a couple extra accounts and level unlimited alts this way within that three month window.
I wouldn't recruit anyone until a myriad of issues are fixed.
I couldn't pay my friends to play with me right now, and I wouldn't if I could convince them this trash fire is fun, because I don't believe it is.

Revert scaling, pathfinder, and then I'd consider coming back. Nothing short of flying available at max level would bring me back to WoW now.
I only ever recruited my own "new" side accounts, to attach them to my main one. Purely for the mounts. I think I managed to dual box like... 4 toons? maybe? ... to max level, a while ago. I never really did it for the xp gain anyway, so.. eh.
WoW is not currently in a state where I believe that a newly introduced friend would stick around long.
I wouldnt recommend any of my friends that quit to comeback right now.. so no RaF is worthless unless you're a very try hard mount collector.

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