Looking for a relaxed guild

Hi there! Im a player who left for a while in Legion due to time constraints forcing me to leave my last guild, and just trying to back back in the swing of everything. Looking for a guild who doesnt need a serious raider or anything, although i will definitely help if im on and can spare the time. love doing things like M+, chilling, questing, basically anything, just can keep a serious schedule. Thank you very much! :)

I think you would be a great fit at Utopian. We are a little of everything Raiding, M+ dungeons, old content, transmog runs, guild events, and contest I would love to chat in game. Sedarel#1297 you will need to message me as you add me as sometimes I don't see people come online!
Hi Viral,

We might be able to offer a home for you in Paranoia.

We are a more adult guild with jobs and raid casually. We also do M+ and other activities.

If this interests you, you can contact me at Greebz #1367

Welcome back Viralpewpew!

If casual is what you are seeking we may be able to fit your needs.

We're nothing special, just a group of friends focused on creating new friendships and enjoying our time playing. Gear is always a bonus though ;)

We run a raid night Tuesday 6pm server and any other night you will find us on running some sort of dungeon or doing WQs together. A chill group of players ranging from bran new to vanilla vet status.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to chat more! monsterkitty@1196
Best of luck finding your new home!
Hello Viralpewpew, sounds like our casual social atmosphere might be the right place for you. If you'd like to check us our, here's our recruitment post with more info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769467437#post-1

GL on your search! (And I realize your post is kind of old, but I know it can take awhile to really find a place that fits, so thought I'd send this to you anyway.)
Hi Viralpewpew,
Loli Waifu Death Squad is a super laid back and chill guild. We do keys constantly through the week as well as achievements, tmog runs, mount runs and so on. We have an active discord and active on guild chat as well. If you are interested at all please in game mail me or feel free to add me on btag as well: Malice#11382. I hope you find the guild you are looking for!

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