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When I first heard about communities and I didn't know a lot about them, I thought they wouldn't be very popular. I thought "Everyone will just use discord. Why use a feature you have to log in for and won't let you upload reaction gifs?" And I didn't pay it much mind.

Then later I actually got interested. I thought "Ok it would be really nice talking to people across multiple servers while playing. Easy to group up and all. It's like a bigger, cross-realm, guild right?" Youtubers like Bellular talked about communities for their youtube fans, which would be fun too, but I can't find a link to the community on any of his videos or twitter. Maybe it's just for patrons? Maybe I'm missing it? Is he ONLY EU? He's just an example, and I wonder if it exists, just is hard to find.

Likewise, I'm having trouble finding communities to join for other subjects, like RP. I totally want to meet new people and find others that fit my RP style more (I'm better at short one-off story than long-term-gulid-wide-huge-arcs). I've tried looking at the communities forums, which don't seem to have many recent threads about anything to do with RP. I've asked my facebook groups, twitter, and Discord servers, and most of what I found seems to be very focussed on Discord instead of in-game communities which is what I was looking for, and a lot of it is that long-term stuff I don't usually mesh with well because of my work and sleep schedule.

Thing is, I think those communities might actually exist out there, even if they are small. I just can't find them. (And before anyone says "Why don't you just make one yourself" I am.)

So, now that I'm past the intro and background part, here's my main point: Players need a better way to find communities to join.

I know some people have brought it up before, and I wanted to add to this without necroing a thread. If anything I say here is like, in development or something, please let me know! I'm hoping to bring suggestions forward, but also get information.

And a little disclaimer: most of the communties I see on these forums are for PVE and Raids, and PVP, which Im less into personally. So maybe the PVE/PVP communities are thriving and I just don't know?

Something I think is really keeping communities hidden, and unused, is that there's no way to browse (yet). In order to find a community, one has to ask friends in game, on social media, ask on the forums, ask in trade chat, ask on reddit, and still may not find one that could very well exist. For someone running a community to find members they have to market their community all over those places too, and that can sometimes be uncomfortable for either party involved. Being less anonymous online can sometimes be dangerous, and constantly advertising your group can be exhausting.

If someone makes a community, they probably only share it with a few of their friends, who are likely on the same server already. For example, some of my long time friends in my guild on Icecrown made a community. There's four of us in it and we are all in the same guild anyways. It kind of defeats the purpose of it being cross-realm. You have to know someone that knows someone that knows someone to get the word-of-mouth thing going, and often people are trying to join communities in order to meet new players and make new friends, so you end up with a you have to know people to meet people loop, and it's still mostly stuck on one server.

The best solution I can think of for this is a browse feature. Something like the guild recruitment feature in game where people might be able to list communities by name and read a short description, or even have categories to sort by (PVE/PVP/RP/Social/ETC). It's my suggestion for making communities work better, with more interest, cross-realm.

I'm also not calling communities a failure. I still really like the idea, despite my initial reaction, and I want to be involved in more (social and rp communities personally). I just don't think they are working the best way right now. I'd like them to be better. If they don't it won't be the end of the world, and I will keep loving everything else in this game.

(Gosh I wrote a lot).
Blizzard could do SO much with the social aspects of the game. They just don’t bother.
Honestly I don't know why they didn't just make communities like they are in Diablo 3.

I was hoping to find a community with like minded casual people to do mythics and normal raids with. Having an extra chat channel for that would be so much more convenient than constantly having to sit around refreshing the LFG menu.

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