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So I've been playing a holy paladin as my main since Legion and have been playing different paladin specs since BC. I have AOTC in Uldir and have completed +10s(some in time, some not). Up until the last few days I felt that holy really needed some help in raids but are great in 5 mans. The changes in BFA have made us feel clunky, boring and generally out of place in a raid environment. However I felt that it would be hard to balance us because of our strength in healing 5 mans with BoV etc. I honestly felt that paladins were probably one of the strongest, if not THE strongest 5 man healer based on my experiences in 5 mans and what the healing rankings have been on youtube etc.

This week I started to focus on my priest as a backup plan for our raid team in the event that we need more throughput for a heavy AoE fight. When I stepped into mythic plus on my lesser geared priest on which I have very little experience healing it was a rude awakening. The throughput of holy priest feels like it out weighs the utility of a holy paladin. If you spec SW on a pally you can burst a group up twice with BoV within the CD and if you spec AC you can sustain mana for longer boss fights in high keys but holy priest feels like it just never has to blow a CD. Just heal and everything is good.

At this point I am really questioning weather or not I want to follow the trend of paladin healers swapping mains. I know the utility it brings in a raid setting is extremely useful but the reality is the changes have made it less fun and less rewarding to play. I understand that we were OP in legion but this gutting has been over the top. I feel I am only hanging on to this toon because of the nostalgia and really hope Blizzard does something about it but for now I just feel defeated every time I log on my main.
Sounds like you just want to be topping meters, spamming flash of light/holy light since bc, nothings changed.
Completely agree. Holy paladin really feels like a struggle in raiding. Even the utility is weak.

Aura range is negligible.
Mastery drops off with distance.
Fights are very high mobility and we lack any real aoe or mobile healing.

The few bits of utility we do bring are completely out classed by the pure hps the other classes put out. Just to keep up I have go oom, while everyone else is barely half mana.

A single change like 30yrds on our auras at all times would dramatically improve our situation. We're strong in 5 mans because positioning to cover your group is possible. It is not in a raid setting.
Holy Paladin is the most neglected spec in the game currently.

We haven't had a single developer response since April, our problems continue to grow, our gameplay is nonexistent, we have more dead talents than any other spec in the game, our Mastery punishes the player, in 8.1 we will be last on the meters, we are already one of the weakest PvP healers and today they nerfed us even further.

This is a crisis unlike anything this game has ever seen and the devs have said nothing.
Beginning to wonder if anyone at Blizzard, plays a paladin.
I don't think anyone at blizzard plays their own game, TBH.

But yeah, hpal is no fun but 'functional' and a lot of players are complacent about it's current state. Then you have chuckle!@#$s like the poster in here earlier whose opinion is the ever productive "you're just crying because you've always been op, it's your turn on the bottom"

Beginning to wonder if anyone at Blizzard, plays WoW.

There, fixed it.
Designing so many boss fights that have spread out mechanics for a class that relies on both proximity(because of mastery) and people being grouped up for LoD feels awful. Fights like Mythrax and G'Huun are just awful to heal with both ranged and melee having to maintain a spread. I honestly don't see a reason to bring a holy pally to a raid currently.
11/07/2018 04:25 AMPosted by Arnath
our Mastery punishes the player

Ive always played healers in my 11+ years and IMO one of the big things that has always turned me off of Holy Paly in the end was the Mastery.

Like I dont mind being in melee at all or doing dmg, or even how any of the paly spells work but the mastery really kills it for me.

Having a talent to extended the mastery for 10 sec was also weird and it's placement with movement/Unbreakable spirit talent.

They should let you guys maybe chose between 2 passive auras/stances so you can have it affect people closer or farther away. ( so it can be maximized in stacked or ranged situations? ) Just an idea, every time I try the paly though mastery kills it for me.

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