Worst drop rate of Brewfest I can remember

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SO I have been spamming this since day one of Brewfest on three characters (All alts as the trinkets on my main are already above the 335 trinkets) and I must say this is undeniably the WORST drop rate I have ever seen. Statues and charms are the bug drops. In three days of spamming I have gotten one Melee DPS Trinket, one spellcasting DPS Trinkets (Useless as I am not leveling any spellcasting classes yet) and saw only one person get the healer trinket. Why the sudden "Let's make these near impossible to get" this year. It's been a staple thing for people to spam alts to get simple trinkets to start getting them into better content when you take a break on an alt so this is seriously not what I was expecting after HOURS of spamming to the point I get "Too many instances" and can't even get in the event at least three times per character.

I'll hope (even though I would probably have a better chance of Orcs actually building a gate to come to my house for a party) that Blizzard will quick fix this so I can get back to leveling alts instead of being stuck on the 120's I have trying to get a single stupid trinket to drop for the next three weeks...

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