Actually Tilted 2/8M Looking for DPS

<Actually Tilted>
Server: Zul'jin
Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10 PM Server time
8/8 N
8/8 H
2/8 M
We are semi-serious guild that loves to crack jokes, make fun of each other, and just hangout with each other like we are all friend in real life. We are looking for people who like to do the same. Although, fun is required in creating an atmosphere enjoyable for raiding we do know when it time to stop cracking jokes and be serious. We are Currently in need of good people to continue progression into mythic Uldir and beyond, we would enjoy people who would also be down to push keys, do mog runs etc on off days. We are currently in need of DPS.
Preferred Classes:
* Ret Paladin
* Unholy/Frost DK (either is fine)
* Enhance Shaman
* Rogue
* Mage
If you are interested please feel free to add Ketter#11366 (GM) or Wolfry#11903
(Officer) on bnet. Or Ketter#3853 on discord.
^ ^
dps we need you
BM Hunter interested, B-tag Ipwnju#1104
5/8 H Main looking for more progression
It be that way sometimes
It dont always be like that, but sometimes it do
Still looking for some good ranged DPS
375 ret
367 Bm/survival hunter
7/8h 1/8m 833 io
26 neck paladin 25 neck hunter 1k away exalted Champions of azeroth

server original here, back in the game and looking for a new home.
For long time Zul'jin'rs I've raided with Realm of Insanity, Uchirosan's guild(and pugs)as well as Precision(alliance) and much more. I've missed Firelands, Throne of Thunder, and Emerald Nightmare/Nighthold and have been here for the rest.

Looking for a full time spot in a raiding guild.
On frequently and love doing mythic + arenas and RBG's

Any inquiries hmu on here or in game #Lefty1748

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