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BfA Bwonsamdi is the best character ever.
I've enjoyed all the questing, new zones, loving playing my Dark Iron.

Sure there are some issues, but none of them have been major dealbreakers for me.
Boralus is nice.
No, and you can't make me.
cant think of anything
The music is nice.
It's the expansion that has finally, after many years, broken my will to play.

That's something nice I guess.
Blizzcon is definitely going to be interesting.
Outstanding zone design.
Lots of things to do. Beautiful new zones. Artwork is superb as always.

Enjoying it very much. =)
It gave me a new race I can level through better expansions with and not have to play BfA anymore...
Its better than WoD i guess?
Kul Tiras kicks !@#. I love the nautical theme and can't wait to play a Kul Tiran Outlaw Rogue.
Jaina and her arcane blasting boat
Taelia and Flynn have more chemistry than any couple in WoW history.

It's like someone in Blizzard knows what a relationship actually looks like.
I love some of the NPC personalities. Nazmir and Drustvar are my favorite zones.
Nice aesthetics? Don't care for much else tbh.
I usually don't get a blinding head splitting pain behind my eyes when I play it.
BfA is easy to spell.
Spud, honestly my favourite thing this expack.

Spud is love.

Spud is life.

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