[A-RP] <Circle of Dusk> - Now Recruiting!

Moon Guard
[Parchment bulletins gilded in silver are posted in public places around Stormwind, especially Olivia’s Pond, Darkshore and Boralus. Flowing script covers its surface, elegant and well written. At the bottom is a dark green wax seal depicting an ancient oak backed by a crescent moon. It reads…]

Hail fair members of the Alliance! Hail brothers and sisters of the night! At long last the Circle of Dusk has opened. We welcome those that would join us with open arms and warm hearts. Our Circle seeks new members to bolster our ranks after the flames of war. Many were lost in the destruction of the home tree, Teldrassil, and many more will be needed to tend to the fallen.

Healers, both practical and magical are needed; as well as those of a spiritual background. Your succor is needed in this time of grief and recovery. Warriors, stalwart defenders, children of the twin bears; your determination and bravery is welcome, our grove is in need of capable armsmen to assure the safety of the injured and healers alike. We ask that you lend us your aid, be it through medicine, or combat, and it will be greatly cherished, no matter the contribution.

While our duty, first and foremost is to the Kaldorei people, we serve the Alliance in their times of need as well; leaving our shrouded home in Ashenvale to answer the call of war wherever it may sound. As of now, the Horde infiltrates our sacred forests, cutting down civilian and Sentinel alike, and the Forsaken blight the land they walk, poisoning life itself. It is our duty to our wildlands to stand vigilant and rise to meet our foes.

Our Oath of Kinship binds us together, soul and mind. We are the guardians of nature, protectors of the cycle. We will not be broken by the Horde’s campaign. We will survive.

-Hierophant N’enia Mossweaver, Archdruid of the Circle of Dusk

Resurfacing after years of being cloistered in the deepest parts of the Kalimdor forests; the <Circle of Dusk> has come to their kin's aid. The Burning of Teldrassil spurred the Hierophant Mossweaver into action, calling what was left of her Circle to Darkshore. There, they laid the fallen to rest and tended the wounds of the survivors. But it was not enough, their numbers were too few, and the casualties far too many. Now, the Circle has opened its arms to the Alliance, calling for those that would support their cause.

OOC Information
The <Circle of Dusk> is a new, Druid/Kaldorei themed guild; focusing on spirituality and the devastation left in the wake of war. These druids are steadfast protectors of life, and prefer to remain passive, though will fight when called to arms. With a duty to the cycle of life, they know that even death has its place.

While the main focus is on healers and druids; combat driven characters, tradesmen, mages and scholars are welcome. They will find a home in the Grove of Dusk, supplying, defending, and augmenting the Circle and its members.

The guild's storyline is driven by a fictional circle of druids that blends well with already existing Warcraft lore. Starting out as a simple headcanon, it has been refined into a compelling plotline for players to join and add their own ideas to. Currently, events and roll20 campaigns are in the works!

We accept all Alliance races, and most classes, though this is a primarily Kaldorei and Druid centric guild. Warlocks and Demon Hunters are prohibited for use of fel; Death Knights will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Our primary goal is to provide an inclusive environment for 'darker' druids while adhering to the tenets of Kaldorei society. We provide a unique platform for roleplaying spiritualists, healers, and their role in life on Azeroth. Overall, we hope to form a community for Kaldorei characters of all backgrounds, which may participate in roll20, social in-game events and more!

As of now we are looking for new members to launch the guild with, once off the ground with a small group, events will be introduced. In the future we will be seeking alliances with other guilds and work on building a raid team.

For ranks, history, rules and to apply; check out our website:

Discord: Members only, guests permitted

Tumblr: circleofdusk.tumblr.com

Contact Us:
GM: Neniä (Discord: hierophant#6079)
A wonderful concept and always great to see more Kaldorei-oriented RPing groups! Wishing you guys truly the best!

Additionally, if you ever wish to make some connections, don't hesitate to message me in-game!
Introducing Branches of the Circle of Dusk:

Join a branch of the Circle today!
  • Join the Civilians:
    Craftsmen, Traders, Diplomats; Skilled workers, these men and women are the lifeblood of the Circle of Dusk. Within the Civilian branch, members produce the arms and armor needed by other branches, as well as sourcing reagents and alchemical materials for the Airmid and Oghma’s experiments. The especially eloquent take on the role of Diplomats; furthering the Circle’s connections across Azeroth.
  • Join the Airmid:
    The heart of the Circle, members of the Airmid branch are lead by Hierophant Mossweaver herself. They oversee the medical needs of members and tend to the wounded of their allies. Being primarily a group dedicated to offering relief in times of war, the Circle of Dusk’s Airmid are well-known for their healing abilities, both magical and mundane.
  • Join the Oghma:
    Masters of the arcane, wielders of elements and thought; these brilliant minds support the Circle of Dusk in all of their magic related endeavors. Researchers dedicated to artifact study, herbology/alchemy, and different schools of magic are welcome! Knowledge of offensive spellwork is not necessary to join this Branch.
  • Join the Thornmane Regiment:
    [This branch will be available officially after Shal’danil is restored!]

    Acting as the main fighting force of Shal’danil, the Thornmane Regiment is a highly skilled squadron of Sentinels, Huntresses, Warriors and other combatants. These men and women have honed their martial skill to a razors edge. Their duty is to protect the other Branches and laypeople from harm when the Circle of Dusk is called into action. Enemies cower when the dusky purple cloaks and elaborate mantles of this Branch are seen on the battlefield.
  • Location:
    [Disclaimer - This is a fan-created region; and is not intended to dispute lore in any way.]

    Nestled in the hills of Ashenvale, the Circle of Dusk was once based out of a clearing in the region’s Northern span, close to the Felwood border. Known as Shal’danil, or Vale of Night, this province is shrouded by ancient oaks. It is a self-sufficient region, boasting it’s own regiment of Sentinels, a temple of Elune, towns and villages with farms as well as other hallmarks of an established society. Ages ago, still using the name Circle of Rot, the last members of this sect of druids fled from their Grove in fear of persecution. This left Shal’danil woefully unprepared for the challenges that would come.

    Recently, Shal’danil has suffered from the stresses of war. A Horde warband has breached their borders and seeks to take the resource-rich land for themselves. It’s up to the Circle of Dusk to retake their Grove and support the community as they have in years past.

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