FPS Issues After Tuesday Patch/Class Changes

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Hey I was wondering if anyone else is receiving massive FPS drops especially inside Uldir after this past Tuesday class changes patch. Everything was running really smooth until the patch.

GPU: GTX 1080
Ram: 16g
CPU: i5 6600k
I've been getting it too in Uldir, I'm pretty sure others are as well as i've seen some others mentioning it. Even tried disabling some addons, maybe today ill disable all addons and see if it still persists.
Yep. Fine yesterday at 120+ FPS constantly; log in today and randomly tanking to 20-30 FPS, not sure if it was the Nvidia driver update or the patch tbh.

Really noticable in Uldir and zones like Nazmir/Tiragarde Sound.
Fine for me but I have not installed the New Nvidia Graphics driver update.
Yes over half of the user base is having FPS issues in Uldir and World Bosses.
Yes I am also having this issue, though I am having it basically everywhere in wow. Even if i just try to work on leveling an alt. So far i have tried to disable some, and then all add ons with no success. I have also made sure all my drivers are up to date including my Nvidia drivers as well as letting windows do there monthly update...

CPU: I7 6800k
Ram: 32GB DDR4
GPU: EVGA 1080 Ti
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Interesting update. I have been running wow off of a Samsung NVME ssd so i opened there hardware utility program that game with the drive and it informed me that my ssd was running and old firmware. So i updated the firmware for the ssd and my frame drops have gone away completely...

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