Hook Point has been disabled

Was that not in the hotfix? So how come every 3rd match is in hook point and my partner doesn't load in until AFTER THE MATCH HAS STARTED?
Makes arenas a ton of fun blizzard, a ton of fun.

Did you guys miss your own hotfix? Please, can I get an answer, because it's incredibly tilting for both myself and my partner.
Must be nice to have a partner that can enter the match after its started at the very least. My partner is waiting on me until well after the match has ended and we have inevitably lost.

Seriously I came here because I read at 8am this morning that Hook Point had been temporarily disabled due to the bug and yet my comp is still getting Hook Point queues and the loading issue is far from resolved.

C'mon blizz. Just trying to get my cloak appearance. You guys are killing me this season. Normally I wouldn't complain but this coupled with the redundant Arms nerfs is just frustrating. Making it really hard.
haha just kiddin
It honestly seems like it's just a win tax at this point. I know I'm not even close to being an admirable rating, but it's so god damn annoying to deal with this during the climb.
I got hook point like 10 times yesterday and no the issue was not fixed at all

Maybe there is an ingame zone named hook point idk about

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