Unsub or reroll for you?

<shelved till further notice.

Continue playing my DH for now.

... gonna go cry on thralls shoulder.
I made a thing to show how unwanted we are in high key M+

Rerolled Arms, despite my shaman being best geared and having a +10 key to toy around with.

Though I have my Disc, Brewmaster and Survival to work on too so I don't really plan on unsubbing.
I will be back to Destiny 2 Forsaken.
I'm unsubbing. I'm burnt out on the grind for rep, ap, and azerite gear. I just can't care enough to continue with a broken class, and to think to do it all over again on a alt is ludicrous. The zandalari story line was good tho.
Unsubbed here. It's too bad, I've always been so optimistic. But other classes just have so much room for error compared to my ele shaman. I am not getting rewarded for trying really hard. This sucks.
Neither. Every xpac I always say, "I'm going to try something different" and end up wasting time with a dif class just to come back to shaman. It's not super strong, but I put out 9-10k on bosses so it's not too bad. Sure, I could be doing more with a different class, but id end up coming right back to shaman at some point. No point in wasting time with a dif class.
I've got a DH at 120 and leveling a mage I'll likely main. Main reason is both are just more fun to play. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad but I'm not enjoying my shaman like I thought I would.
I am rolling monk. Not even going to be a healer anymore. I want to tank some. The answers ion gave in the AMA were such a slap in the face that I am will be a rat of the sinking ship.
I rerolled, but I played Shaman since BC, so it wasn't easy. I leveled up my Shaman second. There are so many problems I could list, but for brevity they are squishyness, clunkyness, unmodern, and one of the first classes to be cut from a group. Blizzard needs to take a serious look at the class and decide if their goals for Shaman still make sense in 2018 and beyond.
Rerolled to DH. I have been playing both, but at this point it's easier just to main my DH and just hope for the best when 8.1 rolls out someday.
I'll probably quit the game sooner than later. I burned out quickly in WoD with the garrison !@#$. Didn't play MoP or Legion which were supposedly the two better shaman expansions. I've played shaman since BC and hoped that they'd have their stuff fixed when I came back, but this feels like a worse version of BC. This class is underperforming, and I can't really play the content I'd like to play (higher Mythic+). I don't want to roll MW or Priest if I want to heal that content since I've already dedicated a lot of time to this character. The neck grind was bad enough once, and I can't see myself doing it again until way down the road.

Since shamans are numerically the worst in the game, we have a stigma against us which makes it harder to find groups. And then I have to do more to achieve less than other people. My desire to play this game is dwindling.
I'm a glutton for punishment... I'll stick to it. Too much time invested on my Shaman over the years to want to main anything else, and I still enjoy WoW itself to leave.
The AMA sucked for you guys, my sympathies.

Wanted to play my shaman but I don't trust blizz. Hope 8.1 goes well because I'd love to be willing to play shaman again.
09/14/2018 07:51 PMPosted by Beezlebubba
i mean his non answer answers were kind of bs but the class isnt bottom of the barrel. not even close to it.

Are you aware that Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration literally ARE the "bottom of the barrel" in Mythic+ AND Uldir?

I mean, if you're talking about a +5 key then it doesn't matter... anyone as any class/spec can do a +5 but that's not true for higher keys. All 3 Shaman specs are "bottom of the barrel" if you're talking +9 and above. The numbers and logs reflect this (as in, it's documented and proven beyond doubt).

LFR and Normal mode raids... again... it doesn't matter what you play. However in Heroic, but especially Mythic Uldir well guess what, Shaman are at the bottom. Even heals. The numbers and logs reflect this (as in, it's documented and proven beyond doubt).

Enhancement in PvP is really rather good though. Competent resto shams with a good comp are also good in Arena. Not sure if this helps explain any lack of changes.

Feel like I should mention, Enhancement cleave AoE is actually pretty good but A LOT of people fail to do it correctly for whatever reason.
started focusing on my ret, way better. Ilvl 290 vs ilvl 342 and i stay alive much longer. Wish i focused on this char way before.
8.1 decides the fate of Shamans, as it appears many of them have simply put up with too much. I will still play but hardly as Elemental. Enhance is more fun, feels better, and is far more competent in PVP situations. People says it needs work, but after playing Ele, Enhance is superior in so many ways.

If 8.1 is a 5% buff to stuff, a lot of Shamans are probably gone or rerolled.
Unsubbed lmao thanks Ion, saved me $15 next month.
Seriously considering rerolling to disc priest. No matter how hard I try I can never keep up in ilvl. I'm always picked last for instances because everyone knows how bad shaman is at this point.

Can anyone here name ONE good thing shamans are good at other than casting SLT?
I'm going to run raid weekly with guild and do weekly things. WF,Islands,etc. Play alt rest of the week. If 8.1 isn't a big change I'll unsub isntead of switching mains just off the premise of them not making up for their clear lack of consideration for the community.

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