Is it Safe to Roll an Ele Shaman For PvP?

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Wanted to make a maghar sham
Judging by some of the comments I have seen here and on the reddit AMA last night, I would think twice.

You might want to go read the shaman and battleground forums. Also look at r/wow AMA with Ion about the state of shamans and what they do about them.
Don't do it yet. Levelling it would be fine and getting it ready, but I would wait until 8.1 before you seriously get into it
Play some pvp and keep note of the shamans. They are a magnet for pain.

Play some pvp and focus the shamans.

I feel bad for them, in all their carnations.

You could run into the random BG where people act like you aren't there, because you're a shaman, and that means you could free cast and burst fools down. lol jk tunnel the shaman, take their corpse, better yet let them reincarnate and tunnel them down again because they are free kills.
Well being chain stunned by rogues before you can even get an eathshock off is how it usually goes in BG's.

I didn't bother with wPvP since my server doesn't have many alliance roamers, so i can't really say anything about wPvP or Arenas at that.

It can be good, AoE has potential, you can be bursty single target as well, primal fire ele if it decides to attack and ascendance can equate amazing single target DPS, but i find ascendance will only excel in PvP if its another caster that forgets to silence or lock.

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