Longest break you ever took from WoW?

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Left just before cata and came back mid legion
I quit right when LFR first released in Cata and came back just before Hellfire Citadel in WoD. Handful of years, there.
4 years.

The mohawk granade Mr T campaign got me to try it 2 years after my friends from work were playing, so I started in early Wrath (2008), left midway through Cata(2010), played LOTRO for 2 years, then no MMOs at all for two years. Rejoined at the end of 2014.
All of cataclysm until about 5.2
From a two or three weeks after Cata was released until about a month before Legion was released.
All of Cata and Mop.
The last 6 months of Wrath until Pre-Patch WoD. Blizzard destroyed the Blood DK DPS spec, which was my main, took away Hunter dual wield and ammo, and god rid of the old talent trees.
I've never really taken a break, but work kept me from playing for about 2 months at the end of Legion.
~1 year, back in vanilla. I made lvl... 50 and found it way too hard to make it too 60. So I stopped and played FFXI/CoH/CoV until BC.

All my other breaks pale in comparison ranging from a month or two to six.
4 years. Quit about a month before WotLK. Came back right after MoP. Subbed for a month each year till 2015. Came back for BfA.

Enjoying it. Most I’ve subbed since Vanilla/TBC.

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WoTLK was the golden age... sorry you had to miss that. Northrend was really fun to quest through. i recommend taking a ult through it

I hear this a lot. I'm sad I missed the golden age as well :/

On the bright side, I leveled a fresh character from 1-120 at the beginning of BfA, and skipped Outland in favor of Northrend. I really liked the zones except for Zul'drak, which I detested.

I hated Zul’drak too. Decided to cut north to the Storm Peaks and had a much better go of it. Even stumbled on the Time-Lost Proto-Drake while leveling. Super glad I switched zones.
About a year. Played Wrath - Mid WoD, took a break, came back just a bit before Legion.
Two weeks. Comp died.

Will probably unsub soon though, I started in legion but not enjoying bfa.
quit in vanilla
came back in bc

quit again during dragon soul

then legion until they made leggos artifact power and honor levels less awful

and probably agaian in a few days/weeks here
About a year. My GPU broke and I was too broke myself to fix my computer.
About a month or so. Just earlier this year actually from February to March.

I mean that's the longest break where I've actually unsubbed and not logged on a single time. It wasn't out of dislike for the game, just end of expansion burnout.

Normally for burnouts I still stay subbed, but I just play less often. That month was the only extended hard break I've ever done.
All of MOP and the first 1 1/2 years of Legion, oh and good chunk of WoD as well.
During Cata, I took a break for a long time and played SWTOR until the developers announced charging for content patches in that game and I left and came back to WoW after about 1.5 years for MoP which happens to be the second best expansion just behind WotLK by .00000000000009%.
Left about 3 months after release. Came back about three months ago.
8 years pretty much.

December 2006 until wod launch.

Played for a month and then came back for legion. Played for a few months and then came back around August 2017 and did some mythic raiding in antorus.
Think mine was about a year off as well but I kept my sub going all that time I was away from game. Now I unsub if I stop playing.

I was burnt out and switched games and tried Wildstar,ESO and FFXIV,needless to say I came back to WoW as those other games just lacked what drew me to WoW.

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