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09/17/2018 06:38 PMPosted by Annasaria
I like how the design team claims that Azerite gear is dynamic, fun, and interesting on the level of old tiers and legendaries but then nerf the one thing that changed that actually changed the Windwalker rotation.

Ion is incompetent.

Ian is a !@#$ing idiot! That guy just doesn't understand the game and what makes it fun at all... all he does is nerf nerf grab take away... guy is a %^-* tard.
This is just proving how horrible of an idea azerite gear is.

We farm for weeks to get the bis traits necessary to perform well with our classes and then you nerf them so hard into the ground that the gear is now useless and we have to farm different pieces in order to perform half as well as before.

Was this intentional? A way to try to keep making money by forcing us to play more by needing to farm every single azerite piece in the game?

Azerite Gear is:
-Not Fun
-Makes us feel LESS powerful unlike Artifact weapons
-Is inconsistent due to constant nerf to traits
-Requires us to farm every piece if we want to be competitive
-The worst idea to ever be the center of focus in an expansion

Kill it. Kill it now. In the AMA you stated you see how it isn't working. Just admit it and kill it.

Tier gear is better. We want that back. We won't blame you for reverting azerite gear. Just turn the necklace into a mini azerite talent tree that we can choose talents when we upgrade the azerite level.

Now it's time to watch Limit and Method struggle tomorrow with G'huun now that all of their gear is worthless with huge azerite nerfs.

How are we expected to do progressive content if you are constantly nerfing every single spec into the ground? Overall DPS has dropped a few thousand and the small buffs to the 2 or 3 classes that are in last are not even close to making up any of that difference.
Honestly, this is the worst state this game has been in since the deletion of the old skill trees. Game is in shambles, this dev team is incapable of balancing and play testing. It should be made F2P until they get their act together instead of spit balling at a wall.
I Hope the class tuning which was promised in the ’near’ future is going to happen aswell... this mess will not help underperforming classes

can we go back to tier pieces
Trait stacking needs to go, its part of the bigger problem with the azerite system.

Don't understand the Laser Matrix nerf, Uldir Traits should be strong.
Game still completely unbalanced. Nerfing makes it worse.
Blizzard modern philosophy - “Lets make all classes equal on everything so nothing feels special”

You have forgotten the basic fundamental classes balancing.

Plate Wearer - toughest and least damage
Mail - hardy with decent damage
Leather - takes moderate damage deals out a lot of a damage
Cloth - squishy but deals most damage.

That’s the formul. It exist as a fundamental element in everything. Stop making everybody equal!!! Celebrate the class differences. Stop minimalistic them.
O, look, third week i have to change spec and traits.
Azerite powers are already underwhelming, why make them worse?

The Heart of Azeroth is supposed to be this powerful artifact but that's not how it feels at all. All this artifact does is let you know how much more grinding you need to do. The HoA is more like a binding collar than a powerful artifact.

I miss legendary powers. They felt meaningful and people actually wanted them. They were obviously more difficult to balance but in the end they were more fun. When you finally got a good legendary you actually felt accomplished. I don't think people feel anything about azerite gear. The powers are just boring.

You could replace azerite powers with equivalent flat stats and nobody would care because the powers don't change gameplay in any significant way. You could have added new level 120 talents at least, EVERYBODY would have liked that, but you didn't do that... so now a character advances to level 120 and gains no new powers. Then they acquire azerite gear but some of the powers are locked, then you unlock the powers and they're boring, then those powers which are the "least bad" get nerfed within weeks of release.

I remember the halcyon days of running a raid and getting a very rare legendary drop and feeling genuinely excited, and people would say "grats" and they *actually meant it* because that kind of gear was actually fun to play with and felt good to get.

Also it was nice to be able to equip an item and use its full power right away. Why the heck would anybody want to grind to unlock gear they raided for?
I'm usually not overly negative but these tuning changes are a complete joke.

So rather than buffing other traits to increase their dps and make them more appealing you just nerf Thunderous Blast and Laser Matrix to B tier?
I'm really hoping this was a poorly phrased post and that this stuff isn't going live tomorrow. Rather this is the first wave of stuff going live on the PTR.

Otherwise, good lord what is someone thinking dropping a major nerf to a trait used by many dps specs, but not only handful of dps specs might something that prevents this being massive blow to the groin.

I think one thing I can agree with, is that this expansion was released way too soon. I know you guys don't like players asking for people to be fired, but whoever the moron was that said "we need an August release" should be cut from the team because that was a stupid decision that detracts from many of the redeeming things in this expansion (essentially, everything that isn't the boring & poorly written faction conflict, islands and azerite gear. heck the later might have been better with more development and polish).
These nerfs completely invalidated this weeks pvp quest for windwalker monks.

I understand the need for balance changes, I really do.

But when one of the pieces features our best trait, and every windwalker monk picks that reward over the other, they then nerf the trait by 55% in the same week it was offered.

This is a complete kick in the teeth. If you had communicated these changes earlier I would have picked the other piece.

At this stage I'm not sure what is worse, Blizzard's design philosophy or their communication.
So instead of buffing the traits that add literally 100 dps, you nerf the only viable ones? This company is becoming a joke, actual thousands of people have expressed their concerns and you do the complete opposite of a fix.
I really enjoy scrambling around my theory crafting and entire class every week, it feels super great.

Can we get tier back already?
09/17/2018 06:53 PMPosted by Lastresort
09/17/2018 06:36 PMPosted by Soulprison
Why even nerf any on the traits? Just buff the damn crappy ones. All you are doing is shifting one for the other. Jesus H Christ, you guys just have no idea what you are doing.

Its easier to nerf 12 overpower traits instead of buffin 220 traits, use your brain dude. You have no ideia how to balance a game.

Overpowered traits?

You realize these traits are supposed to replace us not having secondary stats on the Helmet, Shoulders, and Chest pieces of armor right? For most classes these traits were the only option that gave any kind of decent DPS increase, instead of bringing the useless traits inline (majority of them adding anywhere between 1-300 dps) they nerf the only ones that provide and major dps increase for some classes.

Just give us Haste, Crit, Mastery, Vers back on these slots so we aren't going to be jerked around all expansion with blizz throwing their hands up in the air and not actually playing the game and realizing the impact of half hearted lazy attempts at fixes.
What exactly is the point of nerfing Laser Matrix? It's a raid tier azerite trait, so it should be strong. Meanwhile, Streaking stars is still brokenly strong while every single other Balance Druid trait is worthless. Blizzard is so out of touch it's frightening. It's like you guys are making changes for the sake of change, so you can say that you did something. Please stop just just randomly "tuning" things and act like you're being productive. It's really disappointing. Like you have no pride anymore as developers.

Here's a hint. Random damage procs and stat bonuses aren't fun or interactive and in no way change gameplay. Most azerite traits are basically trinkets, since the class specific traits are largely worthless. Likening azerite gear to legendaries or artifact golden traits is just ridiculous. Gameplay altering azerite traits are too weak on their own. If they aren't stacked then they're basically 1/3 of a legendary. Since we have no way of targeting traits, this means we will almost never have complete traits going forward.

Make each individual trait strong on its own, remove trait stacking, and allow reforging for duplicate traits. Or do something else to balance your system, anything. It is almost broken beyond repair. This is honestly pathetic. Beta for Azeroth indeed.
As a one trick Windwalker Monk i have to say this patch is very shameful. Our bread and butter, the most intresting ability in the game, Fist of Fury hits like noodles. It used to feel so good and appealed to our class fantasy, is reduced nothing more than a dps loss that tickles mobs. Touch of Karma, a major defensive cooldown rewards you for being bad and running into fire. Karma makes up more than 10% of our damage aka forced cringe play style. Our once great hitting and feelsgoodman artifact SotwL is a shell of its former self.

Next Pvp,
Let me know if i'm wrong here since I play unranked and by no means a glad.
How to outplay a monk (step one be brain dead) trinket their only stun every time since they cant stun you for the next 45 seconds which can easily miss (step two) cc/run from karma (step three) use a cd when they TOD you. Congratz you learned how to beat 90% of every ww monk in the world on any class.

Pretty much if you want to be good at the game, play a sub rogue or demon hunter. If you want to get nerfed every patch with below average dps, play any other class. If you like getting nerfed every patch, suffering, and trying to play the only competitive/akward playstyle you have that just got a 55% ap trait nerf, play Windwalker Monk.

Blizzard could have fixed many WW quality of life issues like FoF which would have made this nerf justifiable and well worth it in my eyes, but instead didn't take us out to dinner first. Our community is not happy and this is unacceptable. I want to add, I'm actually not a mean monk, i promise. But I deserve the right to vent over this. Which i clearly used that right.

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