Azerite Trait Tuning September 17

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
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Thunderous blast was best in every dps class so instead of making other traits more appealing, it just gets nerfed. TOP
So are you guys going to nerf the cost to reforge Azerite pieces? The fact that I have to spend 20k right now to reforge my piece is DUMB. I'm going to unsub if you guys keep making me change traits and waste my gold.
09/17/2018 06:52 PMPosted by Keltacrunch
What about the other 5+ traits for demo/destro that go untouched and are still worthless?

All you've done is shift what pieces of gear I want, not alleviate getting specific pieces. In fact technically, you !@#$ everyone who got the good traits and now have %^-* traits.

doubt this even fixes demonic meteor is sims so poorly.
You buffed Brain Storm by 66% two weeks ago, and now are adjusting again, and in all's not exciting anymore. Why? Is there something wrong with the game play it provides, because honestly it was actually at least FUN to play in it's current state.

Giving me a passive 30 second low amount of intellect buff does not feel engaging to me as a player.

Edit: (Adding my comments from a discussion on the mage forums about how Blizzard's design philosophy is moving classes away from CD stacking damage windows / gcd changes because I don't want my feedback to be missed.)

I actually love burst window play styles, I loved it when fire was first released in legion during EN and combustion was your window to do damage. Blizzard, I'm not sure what your gripe is against this type of play style, but you've now forced me back into the same boring game play of spamming AB with galvanizing sparks that literally makes me fall asleep at my keyboard. This is the literal opposite of engagement. Why can't we have both?

I understand that some players don't excel at burst window play styles and therefore feel punished by it, but that's not the only option of play here. You need to seriously re-think what this game provides as far as engaging rotational changes via azerite traits for ALL players interests.
As a Rogue player for 10 years, I am seriously talking to you, blizzard. You ruined this class. I nerf whole 3 classes. There is no place for Rogue players. You directly reduce thier but not buff another trait. Well, FK u, FK u, FK u,
WW nerfs? Pshhhh just cast ToK back at devs, problem solved.
09/17/2018 06:31 PMPosted by Mnejing
How about you make the lower performing traits suck less instead of nerfing everything else?

You guys keep talking about how we want to progress in power, yet you're insistent on constantly nerfing EVERYTHING. That's kind of the opposite of getting powerful.

Azerite gear sucks, bring back tier and master loot.

With Azerite this is especially true IMO. It's the only thing we have the changes our character. Trinkets are terrible, there are no new talents. You really need to work on making this system exciting at least. Should be way more focused on buffing than nerfing IMO.
Aaaaaaand RIP Thunderous Blast. I definitely didn’t farm a dungeon to get this trait at all, and get rid of my old gear when I got it. Cool. Thanks!
I think some buffs would have been the right choice with no nerfs to current high pieces.
Streaking Stars left unnerfed??????

Srs what are you people doing with your life....... do druids just not exist. having a trait that is 15% of your damage using 340 pieces and 340 pieces are better than 370 or even 385.......

do you guys just throw darts at a board and go what class we gonna leave unfixed today
So stupid. Gutting traits during a raid tier is the dumbest thing they can do considering you can't farm traits.
Oh, you stacked the good trait and it got nerfed? Better swap to trash like TRADEWINDS because Blizzard can't make up their mind about which specs they want to do well.
I'm so ready to get a trash trait out of my chest Tuesday. Maybe. Since, ya know, Azerite isn't guaranteed.
Not a single Shadow priest trait god im so excited -.-
Guys....guys....GUYS, calm down.

We are still in beta, you have to expect balance changes like this when they are still developing the game.

They have no idea how traits are going to work on live yet, so they have to push them up and down by extreme amounts to see where they will fit in finished product.

I for one welcome such intensive beta testing, I feel like BFA will release really polished final product.
Nice job destroying ww
Maybe they'll *snickers* have class buffs again for us guys *snickers* 5% dps buff anyone!?
I'm not going to sit here and say shrouded suffocation wasn't extremely good, but isn't that the point?

Outlaw was fun, then deadshot gets nerfed. Sin was fun, now shrouded suffocation gets nerfed. Do you WANT us to pick the boring passive traits? Like what is this garbage.

Instead of nerfing the rotation changing traits how about you adjust the garbage ones? This is ridiculous. I want my traits to add to/change my rotation, not some worthless agi proc/dot proc. Please stop with this autism.
Destruction and Demonology's traits are mechanically awful. No amount of % buffs will fix that.

Make them better
09/17/2018 06:30 PMPosted by Wrecklêss
09/17/2018 06:26 PMPosted by Lore

  • (Fury) Simmering Rage: Damage increased by 35%

Do we all get a free reforge?

I'll mail you the 5 gold
It's a sign of good balance that a trait needs a 400% buff.

Meanwhile BDK still has absolutely awful traits across the board, still waiting for that buff to them so I have something interesting to look forward to.
haha those stupid monks who have sr deserve it

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