7/8M <Juice> Recruiting for our HEALING core!

<Juice> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for 1 more exceptional healer to round out our healing core. Looking for a strong healer that's willing to push themselves and become a part of our core team. Come willing and ready!

We are currently 7/8M. Raid nights are Sunday / Monday / Tuesday at 7:00pm - 10:00pm PST.

Come hang with the bros as we smash bosses. Looking forward to all strong applicants! Add me @ Swifyre#1796.
Bump! Still lookin for more bros / gals!
Currently working on Fetid Devourer, but still looking for gentlemen and ladies (Ranged DPS) to smash bosses with!
Bump, Fetid down, Zul down, both in one night! Ranged DPS still needed! =)
Bump! Still recruiting strong ranged players! Cleared 1-5M in one farm night!
Looking for a STRONG healer for a core raiding spot!! 7/8M, let's work towards our CE! (=
Still looking for that 1 healer to round out our core! Not recruiting for the bench. Bump!

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