[H] <Dad Bod> DPS / Heals Recruitment!

Dad Bod is currently opening recruitment for a few key positions.

Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday, 10:30pm til 1:00am server/EST.

Progress: We are currently 8/8 Normal, 3/8 Heroic in Uldir.

Ideal Recruitment: We would love to add any competent players who mesh well with our fun group of people. However, we would LOVE to add a few of the following players. Balance Druids, any Warlocks, any Mages, MM/BM Hunters, Holy Paladins, and Resto Shamans. We need two to three total in dps and one of the healers.

We of course love to push progression and on a short raid schedule we do have to move fast. It is vital, however, that if you come to our guild you come to have fun and enjoy a good team of raiders doing awesome content!

To get in touch-
If we sound like a good fit to you, feel free to respond to this post or get up with one of the officers in game.

Guild Leader: Kentorus (Battle Net:Gnome4life#1832) (Discord: Kentorus#0661)
Recruitment Officer: Vandro (Battle Net: TheHammer#1904) (Discord: Vandro#5671)
Recruitment Officer: Kaltropz (Battle Net: Drizkil#1709) (Discord: Drizkil#9953)
Hi. I am interested in both the nature of your guild and your raid times. I know you're not currently looking for a melee, but I'd be willing to sit the bench if necessary while I work on some alts. Mainly looking for later night players for some dungeon running, etc. You can reach me on Battle Net: Ghoul#1456 and Discord: Ghoul#5748.
Tried to add you!
Still recruiting one or two ranged dps and a dps/heal offspec player! We are now 3/8 Heroic and will continue progression Wednesday, October 3rd. Get in now!
Update as of this week - 6/8 Heroic so come join us before we get AoTC! Still looking for ranged dps mostly, but we are always looking for the right player regardless of role. We have folks that can move around as needed.

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