[H]Poutine - 4/8M Recruiting DPS for M Uldir!

I asked a French man if he played video games. He said wii.
All these bumps are making me run out of room for activities.
Forums posts are only one of the many things I bump for money, join us and find out what else this Tauren does for cash.
Recruitment needs updated..

Come love us.
Poutine: now with 100% more male pandas!
375 ret
367 Bm/survival hunter
7/8h 1/8m 833 io
26 neck paladin 25 neck hunter 1k away exalted Champions of azeroth

server original here, back in the game and looking for a new home.
For long time Zul'jin'rs I've raided with Realm of Insanity, Uchirosan's guild(and pugs)as well as Precision(alliance) and much more. I've missed Firelands, Throne of Thunder, and Emerald Nightmare/Nighthold and have been here for the rest.

Looking for a full time spot in a raiding guild.
On frequently and love doing mythic + arenas and RBG's

Any inquiries hmu on here or in game #Lefty1748
And the bloody messy goes down! The 3 headed doggo next!
We have monthly diversity days. Sometimes even weekly. Sometimes even DAILY!
We talk about Yu-Gi-Oh here... unfortunately.
Up down take that frown turn it around lets go down

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