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Nice try and it might work with the Gullible that really do not remember what a Twink is but nice try at Trolling though!
1) Since the day when patch 3.2 went live true Twinks have been relegated to their own lonely BGs with only other Twinks the minute a Twink voluntarily turned off the ability to gain XP in BGs.
2) Heirloom armor and weapons outscale anything a Twink can be equipped with from loot BOEs.
3) Things like Shadowleather Leg Armor and other Enchants now scale with level so no level there.

So what it comes down to is that you seem to be looking for any excuse for losing in BGs and you decided to use one that hasn't been useable since WotLK back in Aug. 2009!

The only time they are relegated now is if experience is turned off. They just leave right before the BG ends so as not to get the final experience. That circumvents the leveling for quite awhile. Haven't done any leveling in BG I guess :)

So... now I've heard two different things:

1. Level off: separate BG
2. Used to be 1 now it's same BG

So which is correct?
It's all in the same bg now isn't it? The disparity is real. If you have just enchanted heirlooms when you're lvl x9 you will roll over the players dumb enough to come into bgs before x7. In 10 levels I go from being shredded in seconds by melee to tanking them without a care in the world. It's all very wonky.

I think templates should still be in effect until high level. Leveling is a bit of a slog right now and making low lvl pvp unsavory is really a jerk thing to do.
Twinks dont ruin battlegrounds.

Pre-made in random ruins battlegrounds.

Ever try doing a warsong when there is 5 rogues on the other team who stun everyone who walks through the door? I have.

Ever be in deepwind gorge where there is 6 arcane mages who can melt an entire team in 2 seconds because of arcane turret? I have.

I even have video/picture proof of it happening.

Random battleground should be as they are. Random. There should be a cap of how many of the same class can be in the same battleground. Maybe a limit to two per a class.

Having a team full of rogues pretty much causes a garuntee loss in whats suppose to be a random group of people. Premades like this should be put with other pre-mades (or locked out from doing this stuff) of the same class style.
Easy way to fix low level BGs is simply to put a cap on crits below level 100 in BGs (ie can only do a max of 20% of target's hp).
09/23/2018 09:39 PMPosted by Dinamic
I don’t know about anyone else, but I NEVER queued for a BG as a means to level....

Sucks for you then. A winning BG 1-80 is a huge chunk of EXP, from 40% of a level to 120% of one. The gamble is doing PvP on Alliance so your winning % is probably around 30.

09/23/2018 11:51 PMPosted by Sinelus
Hi, you seem to be misinformed. Unless you have the 2 trinkets from PVP events that boost BG xp 50% each, it is NOT worth it. Questing>Dungeon>BG for XP.

You seem to be misinformed as well, or haven't done BGs or questing on a low level character recently. BGs are tops 20 minutes per, and if you win its far more efficient EXP per hour compared to dungeons, even as tank/healer. And some people actually like PVP in this game so it could be more fun potentially.

09/23/2018 09:39 PMPosted by Andrraste
I didn't realize that twinking is still a thing. One thing is for sure there is no way they are as strong as the old school twinks. With the way gear/enchantments scale, the possible twinking potential is much smaller.

I guess that's why they allow them back in regular BGs

And again, another misinformed person. The scaling on some items is super broken and complete blows heirlooms out of the water. On my Shaman in full dungeon blues and enchanted heirlooms at 29, I was at 1890 HP. There are twink rogues at 29 with 2700 HP who can kill you in one cheap shot
I think you need to PvP some to fully understand your character and usually run some BGs while leveling. With XP-Off characters combined and gear mattering now I'll wait until max level to run them.
I didn't realize low lvl BG's were still a thing. Balance has broken in low lvl BG's since Cataclysm when Blizzard decided they no longer wanted to bother with balancing BG's at different lvls. Hell, they can't balance PvP at max lvl.
Aren't twinks in a separate bracket in battlegrounds? You shouldn't be fighting any of them.
Lowbie twinks are so much less powerful than they used to be before iLvl became king. When I started playing I got my behind handed to me by twinks, and better players, constantly. I kept trying, I learned to gear, and I learned to play better.

Want to pvp? Be ready to try.
lol OP
Feels good
There's so much misinformation here.

!. XP off characters were merged back with XP on BG's at the start of WoD.

2. Twinks never asked to be merged again.

3. With the current scaling system, gear doesn't make a huge difference anymore.

4. Low level BG's have never been balanced and never will be.
09/24/2018 03:43 PMPosted by Floyln
2. Twinks never asked to be merged again.

3. With the current scaling system, gear doesn't make a huge difference anymore.
I agree with your other 2 points. I think the twink community was somewhat split on recombining queues. What makes a difference in gearing is that they can fully optimize and enchant, but a greater difference is when 5 get together in a BG.

I don't know a lot of specifics about how low level BGs work right now, do trinkets work? I think the way to fix it is to limit the number of players that can queue together in regular BGs and to add an XP-Off queue option.
I hadn't run into this issue until today, around half of the opposing team were twinks and they pretty much just one shot us over and over, Warsong Gulch was over in less than 5 minutes. Not cool, dude.
I only do twink bgs for exp.
lol google twinks
11/12/2018 08:57 PMPosted by Rromii
I hadn't run into this issue until today, around half of the opposing team were twinks and they pretty much just one shot us over and over, Warsong Gulch was over in less than 5 minutes. Not cool, dude.

You ran into a premade.
Ok not against twink at all. actually like doing it. The problem is they do ruin a normal game. most twinks can get 300-500k damage easy. Compare that to average players 100k and you see problem. I have seen some do instant cast spells for 1k on a 4k health person. heck fire mages and wars instant cast on average of 1500 to 2000 of damage on the right build.

There was a fire mage yesterday had 600k in damage and 50 kills. Everyone on our side left at once. Could not kill that mage. We had 8 people on it and nope not die at all. I was using interrupts. But those instant cast suck.

Yeah needs to be a limit on how many per bg. i say not more than two.

09/24/2018 03:43 PMPosted by Floyln
3. With the current scaling system, gear doesn't make a huge difference anymore.

It only applies On level not damage. higher level still has more spells and damaged based on current level. Basically you level 49 per say with out any of the other parts for it.
Twinks have been gone since who? We all know when. Heirlooms have been around for who knows how long, quest items have been not better then heirlooms for since heirlooms came out. People being able to twink their toons hasn't been applicable for since people got the right of mind and bought heirlooms for each individual class. This idea of 'TWINKS' ruining your BG experience is all a bunch of huffuf and it comes to an overall way of how you play as to hot-keys and key-bindings that other players have. They're a better player than you and you cant deal with it.
09/23/2018 09:33 PMPosted by Tayswifty
Listen, I rarely ever complain, in fact I'm what most would typically call a blizzard shill with how much I come to the defense of certain mechanics and the way things were set up for BoA. Plus, I'm sure this has been a gripe for the longest time here so obviously this isn't going to get anywhere but I just need to vent, so hear me out, please.

Some people use BG's as a means to help level up in between quests. So I'll be questing along and I'll queue up for BG's in order to help level up faster. Typically by doing this, if I get enough victories I can go through levels pretty quickly. I've only got 10 hours clocked on this character over 2 days and I'm already level 30.

However, in every bracket there are twink players in random BG's, not even ranked that just ruin the whole experience. Even with some level of scaling a single twink player regardless of class can global just about anybody in heirloom gear let alone people who are in regular quest stuff. It's a huge waste of time whenever I'm in a BG and the opposing team is a premade full of twinks. When every player is like a raid boss, there's no hope of victory, and it isn't fun.

Why can't twinks be relegated to purely competitive BG's where they would be more suited? It's like seal clubbing when they're allowed into random pub BG's full of people who are either doing it for fun, or people like me who do it to help them level up. If they're going to play in randoms, and the devs have already made it so everybody has a baseline item level in randoms, then just force them and everybody else to be at the same level unless they're playing competitively. That way they, and everybody else have to depend on talent and cooperation like it's supposed to be. Sure there will still be times where one team trounces the other, but at least being totally and hopelessly out geared won't be a factor.

Either that or just put it back to the way BG used to be and let people go in with what they have at the level they're at and do away with the illusion that there's some sort of an even playing field. Not everybody gears up a low level character just to dominate the lower tier brackets.

The best part is that I noted that a BG I was just in was filled to the brim on the other side with twinks, and the response I get from my own teammate is that if you aren't a twink, you're trash and shouldn't level in BG's. So what, BG's are off limits to people who are trying to use them to level up and have fun? Is that what it's come to? Just give people who lock their character level a separate BG bracket, it's not hard!

Are you from the past?

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