[H] Black Omen LFM

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
<Black Omen> is one of the oldest and most prestigious guilds on Shadow Council and we are looking to expand our roster. We are currently progressing in Raiding (8/8 N, 3/8 H), Mythic+ Dungeons and PVP (Arena and RBGs). If you're looking for a regular dedicated group that plays hard and has fun doing it, then check us out.
Formal guild events are spread throughout the week and typically start at 6 p.m. server. Members are strongly encouraged to chat amongst themselves and organize groups throughout the week as well.

Recruitment needs are wide open.

Casual players are welcome!

Message Hertin (Btag: Iceviper35#11664 or Discord: Iceviper35#1843) or any online member for more details.
I sent you a friend request on Bnet chat.
/faction change
at 3/8h you are casual, no need to say casuals welcome.
Does 3/8h mean that Soldat is 3/8 horde? Or 3/8 hardcore?


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