High quality Alliance cinematic when?

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By high quality, I mean like "Old Soldier" quality.

Just curious how that's coming along.

/sad awoo
Old soldier was an alliance cinematic, Saurfang is alliance now.
Would love one for Tyrande and the Night Warriors.
I can't wait to see what Alliance long standing lore character they ruin in their new cinematic. To keep it on par with Old Soldier.
A Tyrande cinematic would make sense, all things considered. The Horde cinematic was not about the warchief, but a different and very experienced leader/strategist for the Horde.
Saurfang is not a member of the horde anymore. He said so himself in the stockades. As good as old soldier was, saurfang as a character in bfa has been extremely disappointing and bordering on cowardly. Zappy boi was the best part of old soldier.

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