Some "buffs"

Death Knight
"Sweeping Claws Rakes an enemy with deformed claws, dealing [ 50.3% - > 29.9% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to the target and nearby enemies. Can be cast in Ghoul. 40 Energy. Melee range. Instant. 1 sec global cooldown."

"Festering Wound Festering Strike applies a pustulent lesion that will burst on death or when damaged by Scourge Strike, dealing [ 41 + 20% - > [ 20% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage and generating 3 Runic Power. Stacks up to 6 times on any target. Death Knight - Unholy Spec. Death Knight - Unholy Spec."

Meanwhile ferals get a buff. Weren't they still in a better state than DKs were at the start of this expansion before hotfix buffs were ushered out to stop their complaining?

Like, I get that these are build notes, but why in the hell are they nerfs? That ghoul nerf is absurd. 41 damage off of a wound pop is basically the sprinkles on top of the ice cream mound at this point. Are these sticking? A joke? What's the deal here?

It's a sign they don't want people playing DPS DKs. Remember when the purposefully made Demo garbage in WoD because they didn't want anyone playing it?
They should just put in the notes.
-We have no idea what to do with DKs. Please reroll to your replacement class DH.

This is starting to become a real dog act, i've been holding out patiently and optimistically given the cycle pattern of each expansion but this legit starting to look like they do indeed just want to $h!t on us.

Still.. not gonna lose composure until the final big reveal.
Yeah I'm starting to lose hope myself that any tuning for the better will happen soon.
These are tooltip changes...

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Bone Spike Graveyard: damage increased by 100%.
Festering Doom: damage increased by 25%.

I guess they're trying... Not very hard, but at least they're kind of trying.

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