[A] The <Blackmarch> is recruiting!

Wyrmrest Accord
BlizzCon has brought new life and with it - NEW HYPE to the guild. While we wait for some lapsed accounts to come back around in 8.1 we're leaving the door open because I like the breeze and I guess we could use some more recruits. I am SUPER EXCITED for the oncoming Heroic Warfronts, personally.

I'd also really like to emphasize and add some passion to my attempts to create a raiding pool for smaller guilds like ours that don't want to drop their colors but still want to hack away at the content. This has been met with some skepticism from a few folks that we're looking to poach but I can assure you that isn't the case. If you've got folks who want to regularly raid or PvP but aren't sure how to get started, drop me a line and let's chat about the admin.

Lets have fun together, Wyrmrest, whether you wear the black or not.
A bump from Blackmarch Red!

Mostly to keep this on the front page for a wee bit longer. But also to see if Branduran's portrait changes to Khuzog.
The lack of black within your reddish tabard offends my delicate sensibilities.
Forever cursed to be on the wrong side of the color palette.
Hi there :) Are you guys still looking for healers?
Blood Death Knight seeks friends for longs walk on the bloodied sands of the Seething Shore, romantic dinners under the bioluminescent sporelight of Uldir, and enjoys traveling to the summoning stones of Mythic dungeons.

Must be open to... group stuff.

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