Increasing Islands Rewards - Sept. 14

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
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Blizzard, you also need to make the achievements ACCOUNT WIDE. There is very little incentive to do these on alts as the grind does not contribute to the achievements.
Tell me when this is in effect so I know when to run IE.
... Stuff was supposed to drop in Island Expeditions?
09/14/2018 01:46 PMPosted by Kaivax
Thank you all for your feedback on Island Expeditions. We’ve been monitoring the rate of rewards from Islands so far, and while we believe we hit the mark with the Azerite rewards, we’re not happy with the drop rates for the various bonus rewards (such as transmog items, pets, quest starters, etc.)

We’re currently working on a hotfix that will substantially increase the rate of these rewards. Once it’s live, you should start to see more of these items dropping for you (and your group members) on future Island Expeditions. While we don’t have a firm timeframe for this hotfix, we’re hoping to push it out later today.

Again, thank you for your constructive feedback, and we look forward to seeing you on more Island Expeditions!

Transmogs and pets? Oh I will queue daily now...
Come on, stop trolling us.
Yes, but can you fix how boring they are?
I for one, enjoy islands.

I find the rewards negligible, however. Doing WQs provides more azerite and doing dungeons provides more loot. I wouldn't do more than 10 islands per week, since that's about as many as I could find friends to go with.

The harder difficulties are also enjoyable, but the already poor rewards do not scale with difficulty.

I'm pleased to hear, the rewards will be increased. I will temper my optimism however.
Please let us know when the drop rate increase its active
is the hotfix live now?

I wonder if it's worth it..
1- Make them give XP , otherwise, worthless for pre 120 characters.
2- Make Weekly quest give resources, or each I.E. give a bit, since we don't have too many WR sources apart from WQ or maybe some quests.
3- Like I saw other people say, make the NPC still rotate, but sell pet, toy or mount, for dubloons. A bit like Xurios in Legion.
4- For people thinking it's worthless, aoefest and stuff, maybe they didn't do the pvp part, or, while on the pve ones, tried attacking the opposite faction groups, over and over. It's fun, and we really notice the improved NPC AI there, like while you're mining an azerite node, you get 'sapped' by their rogue, from behind, and the gankfest begins.
Would you please just tell us the updated drop rates for each type of item so we can determine for ourselves whether or not something is worth farming?
The hotfix is now live.
09/14/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Kaivax
The hotfix is now live.

Care to elaborate a bit on the drop rate changes?
09/14/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Kaivax
The hotfix is now live.

YES! Time to do them! I want that tmog!
Couldn't the amount needed to complete the weekly event be cut in half instead of lengthening the engagement of it? There is literally no amount of pets or extra rewards you could add that would make me ok with doing 5 ques. I think 2-3 is better.
I think the biggest issue with Island Expeditions is the fact that I have to sit next to the table and spam the queues. Can we please get these added to the normal dungeon finder?
Thank you! It was so disheartening to run 20+ expeditions and get Azurite every time but once.
If I have 30 minutes left to focus on Artifact Power after doing my mandatory daily WQs, I can either organise and do 2 Mythic Island Expedition, or I can zip around the continents and do 5-7 "small" AP WQs and 1-2 "elite" AP WQs. The IEs will offer 600 AP (1700 AP, if we count slightly under half of the weekly reward); whilst the WQs will offer between 1400-1700 AP, depending on what's up.

So I disagree with your conclusion that Azerite rewarded from the Islands hits the right mark.

WQs may be exhaustible but, in practise, they compete for the same space in my use-case scenario and refresh by the time I have to choose again. IEs drop off drastically after the weekly cap is met, whilst a similar rubric of WQs continue re-spawning all week long. And IEs are group content, and tbh better content, than WQs tend to be.
good, thanks, next step, azerite gear system.
First one since hotfix. I got nada.

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