I am repeatedly being tormented in death when I am a looser by the Spirit Healer npc

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I did not like the troll voodo culture. I enjoy the island with the enemy knights in the kettle 17th century plates. I blew a bunch of them up and they flew through the air it was the best cut scene in WOW ever. That was fine death for me.

On the other hand I have to watch not to get more than 3 mobs or I die which makes me very angry. To heap insult on my killing the spirit healer, Bostawane taunts me. I think blizzard guy who made that should be demoted or made to clean bathrooms. I am trying to get up to 310 so I can do some welfare random heroics and be 340.

I hope blizzard reads this and has the team who made the spirit healer a mocking voodo guy the new toilet cleaning and lunchroom pot cleaner team.
Lol someone quote the yak please
Stop dieing and you wont have anymore problems.
Quit dying ya loser lmao
Git gud.
He told me I was of no use to him. I suppose that is good?
As the yak said,

Just dont die
1. Stop dying so often.
2. "Looser" is not a word.
He just keeps trying to show me his death gate .....I gotta be honest I'm a little curious.
09/15/2018 10:12 AMPosted by Gormosh
1. Stop dying so often.
2. "Looser" is not a word.

it is a word
Ya boi Bwonsamdi is always there to kick you while you're down, he's the best and most reliable friend around.
Well then git Gud and stop dying.

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