What one thing would you change to fix Azerite?

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I'd make an azerite system where players could spend points on the 'effects' of it, chosen from the whole range of current azerite possibilities - and also choose the 'visual effects' for them.. allowing users to both select their favorite azerite power combinations permanently and give them an entirely new channel of cosmetic/xmog type things.
Maybe have inscriptions/jewelcrafters/enchanters profession workers create azerite powers glyphs/gems/scrolls that replace existing azerite powers with news ones. Or transfer azerite powers from one piece of azerite gear to another.
I'd make it actual traits for your character on another page of the talent sheet.
I'd hard cap weekly azerite power to the neck with the catch up mechanic to help those that don't hit the cap every week. I'd want spec specific traits to make your class fun and interesting to play instead of everyone rolling "generic single target/aoe dps trait." The goal would be for your character to grow stronger with your armor enhancing your characters strength and adding to it's playstyle.
Also instead of a bad reforging system you'd be able to pick talents for all three specs.
Delete it. It's garbage. That's how I would fix it.
I do like the concept that I have some kind of choice in my rotation. I also like the concept of gear that is upgraded to add/discover new traits.

So, things I would change:

1) The necklace and the gear are disconnected. Raising the Heart will still affect some traits in some ways; 'Heart Level' will usually multiply a trait's base damage bonus.

2) The necklace is a necklace, and can be enchanted, and possibly gain a socket. Removing it doesn't make Azerite power ineffective, but it no longer gets it's Heart level bonus.

3) Something in between Legion (where you collected dozens of unstackable artifact power tokens) and BfA (Where you never touch Azerite). You can choose to put Azerite into the Heart, or into Azerite gear.

4) Azerite gear would still have multiple tiers, I imagine 3 star, four star, five star+ gear. Azerite would manually be used to level up Azerite gear to higher stars.

5) There would be a mechanism or a slot on some Azerite gear to Inherit a trait or removing one trait and then replacing it with another.

6) Scrapped Azerite gear would return Azerite. Optionally, vendored Azerite gear would be worth more the higher it was leveled, so players could choose between getting 1-2k Azerite or 1-2k gold.

7) Inscriptionists would be able to craft Magic Carbon Paper that could remove a specific tier trait from Azerite gear so it could be Inherited by another similar piece.

8) Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths could created Chaos Patches (using Azerite?) that would allow a specific trait to be randomly rerolled or possibly gain/lose a specialty stat. The strain on gear would limit it to being used once every few days. (4 day CD).
1.Get rid of generic multi class traits i.e. Thunderous Blast with the exception of those that simply increase your primary or secondary stat by x%

2. Make each piece of azerite gear have one generic trait and make the other traits SPEC SPECIFIC. Make them fun and cater them to different situations (AoE/St/cleave,etc) and have them sightly alter your playstyle

3. If you equip a piece of azerite armor with three traits for spec A while in spec B, it automatically switches to the "generic" trait.

That way if you get a 370 chest with 3 holy traits, the fourth "generic" trait will still make it worth equipping in other specs instead of that 345 you've been holding onto. Then you can continue healing Uldir using your 370 "ret" shoulders until you finally get lucky and those 370 holy shoulders drop.
If they are not willing to make any major changes to the azerite armor system, at least have a weak and normal powered version of each trait. The trait will operate at a weak version at even at azerite level 1 until we reaches the required azerite level to unlock the normal powered version of the trait.

It sucks to obtain a new azerite gear where you cannot even unlock the most outer circle trait. The unlocking mechanics have already lost it's novelty since most people will google or have addons that reveal all the traits anyway so might as well just let us set all the traits upon acquiring of the armor.
Break trait stacking, because none of these traits that are good are overpowered with 1 piece. Its when you double and triple stack a trait thats getting them nerfed. Would also add more trait diversity because you would have to have 3 different ones.
Everything is on the neck.
You collect traits throughout your time in the expansion and they all get placed into what is more or less a spell book. Your heart level determines how many empty slots you have available to put in whatever traits you feel like.

For added complexity, sometimes traits are part of a "set". If you have activated everything from a set, you get an additional bonus.
Reading this thread makes me wonder why the hell we have a "Heart of Azeroth" necklace if we can't interact with it at all? I don't understand how this system made it to live. It's a free, pointless slot that is directly tied to a reputation and there is zero ways around it. It might as well be a buff that says "22" for your Azerite level.

What were they smoking in the office?
It's fine the way it is.
*equips gear 15 ilvls lower to increase survivability*

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