Get that Achievements XVII

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[Battle Safari] Complete

Jonrock, get your feed on & get [Everything Tastes Better]
Obtain a 6 hour "Yummy Bacon" buff.
I am now a Hatchling of the Talon!

Kodekkz, Go Wake the Dragon!
Go Wake the Dragon! Mounted & Complete

Solanaria, do & do some juggling & complete Shadow Hopper
Bounce a ball with a hatchling 25 times in a row without dropping it.
Kodekkz, head back to Eye of Azshara and obtain [But You Say He's Just a Friend]!
Spazzy, you're almost there! Hunt down that Heartsbane Hexenwurst to complete your Sausage Sampler!
[Jack of all Trades] Complete

Wyldclaw, you're so close to [The Draenor Gourmet], go cook that last recipe!
Cooked up some Gorgond Chowder and it was delicious!

Talriss, I think it is time for you to go on a journey... Ling Ting's Herbal Journey.

Collect 30 Golden Hoplings and earn your vary own while you're at it!
Sausage Sampler complete!

Wyldclaw, start building up those pet teams and obtain [Taming Outland]!
Ling Ting's Herbal Journey Complete

Spazzy, start converting those fish and get [Scent of the Sea]!
Talriss go finish up [Glory of the Pandaria Hero]

You're so close!
[Scent of the Sea] complete, unsure how long I will get the scent off of me!

Tarraydra, go find the couple of allies in Eastern Plaguelands and complete [Full Caravan]!
[Full Caravan] is done

Spazzy go chose your best critters and complete [Critter Brawler]
Tarraydra, go see what the Goblins of Everlook are up too and do all the [Winterspring Quests]!
Went on an [Outland Safari] and enjoyed every minute of it!

Frieda, I think its time for you to become a [Field Photographer] and get your S.E.L.F.I.E. on! Have a good trip!
Everything's going well in Everlook and [Winterspring Quests] is complete!

Wyldclaw go and clean up the remaining Legion forces in Broken Isles and while you're at it get [Broken Isles Explorer]!
I took a trip and became a [Broken Isles Explorer].

Tarryndra, you're so close to a new mount! Head over to Utgarde Pinnacle and get [The Incredible Hulk].
[Incredible Hulk] is done I definitely tried to get [Experienced Drake Rider] while I was at it but it's a little more annoying to solo than I thought it'd be.

Wyldclaw druids are great and all but I think you need some more alts, and in doing so you're gonna need loomz go and help out your alts and finish up [Ready for Powerleveling]!
Went a lot of places, took a lot of selfies, and got a new title. I even documented it for some reason!

Tarraydra, here's a more free-form task: go find 11 more toys for [Tons of Toys].
It definitely took me longer than it should have (I was a bit lazy :P) but I now have Tons of Toys!

Frieda go and become a true Angler and catch a variety of different freshwater fish and get [The Limnologist]

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