[H] <HAGL> 8/8H 3/8M LF Raiders

<HAGL> is a mature, semi-hardcore mythic Horde guild on Zul'jin who is looking for more members to fill their core mythic raiding roster. We are a guild who has been playing together since the start of Legion, and have loads of combined experience.


Tanks: Full

Healers: Any, priest preferred

Ranged: Warlock, hunter, mage, boomkin

Melee: Any

Raid days/times (twice a week)

Tues/Wed 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

Occasional alt raids, or continuation of heroic on Sunday/Monday same times


We want people who are active, good listeners, and want to carry their own weight by knowing what they are doing wrong and correcting it as we progress. We're easy going, but we want to kill stuff (who doesn't?), so we aren't shy of hounding under performers, or people who are not taking progression seriously. We're all mature, mid 20's, who aren't afraid of throwing around brash language, so make sure you are comfortable with that (not required to participate haha). On non-raid nights, we'd prefer that you be on to run keys, and farm mats for the raid. As we fill our roster, we may be trying out different people, compositions, so we ask that you be patient. There will be plenty of time to kill bosses, and get loot, we need people who are dedicated and don't mind swapping in and out in the best interest of progression.

Noteable Kills


- Cutting Edge: Xavius

- Cutting Edge: Gul'Dan


Feel free to reach out to myself, Alexsan (Penetrice#1787), or any of the other officers below:
- Menswear(Jsyk#1736)
- Invest (GM)
- Jawnathanmd
- Kámi
- Accumulate (Invest alt)
Bump! Still looking for more.
Bump, still looking for more for mythic progression.
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Bump, still recruiting DPS!
Bump, progress updated.

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