Best Ret in The World for PVE?

Curious who you all think is the best in the world?

Some people might say Quinrat, but he's probably more like the best PVE Twitch streaming ret in the world.

There's gotta be some arcane parsing monster that's behind the scenes somewhere.
"Me." ~every Ret
Retolies streams and said he plans to stream as much as possible. He is method's ret paladin during progression.

I wouldn't say Retolies is the 'best' ret paladin out there, but he good.
Hahaha quin is not even remotely close to the best. Nice guy and it’s always nice to see how he has brought attention to the oceanic scene, but I don’t think he is best OC let alone world. Consistency is important , e.g. players who have performed well across many tiers, which I think has a lot more weight than players like me who will be top one tier and then average the next.

My picks:
  • Retolies isn’t the best in terms of damage, but is arguably the best in terms of mechanics and overall play.
  • Solsacra has been consistently near the top for years. He would probably get my overall #1 pick just due to his longevity at the top and contributions to the paladin community.
  • Meq has really developed over the past few years and would rate him comfortably top 5.
  • Consata and Makeitbanned/Makeitstacked were both very consistent in Legion, but I don't know much about either of them.
  • 佛爷的小三 is quite good, though his guild likes to rotate who parses each week, so it's difficult to tell how much is outstanding play and how much is having designated ranking opportunities.
  • Who cares? Bring a rogue or arms warrior. They'll do more dps.
    @aribeth, if we only cared about who the best of the best is amongst the most OP classes then this thread would be about arena, not pve

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