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I am fortunate to have my wife heal for me so it isn't really a big deal to kick cycle through toxic DPS.
Actually... I have yet to encounter these type of people in my long years in alliance.

I think Hordes naturally attracts more aggressive players and Alliance attracts more peace loving players.

You might want to hop over and see how's it like here?
09/23/2018 02:04 PMPosted by Sanguinita
You know, even when I have a crappy run, I try to get in a "ty" before everyone leaves. Usually, I am just grateful we FINISHED! I would like to compliment a good tank/healer or even DPS, but they usually hotfoot it out. I understand why, now. :(

I have been in runs where we have gone through 3-4 tank/healers, and I will be the last one in there, waiting for a new group to form. I just want to get my quests done, get my goodies and whatever.

All that said, I usually have a decent time in PuGs. I have been kicked a few times for being a "hunter," my MOG looks "dumb," or <insert abusive comment> about Illidan realm. I feel bad for a minute, and go quest/fish/flower pick until my buff wears off, and try again.

It costs me NOTHING to be kind, say thank you, or compliment a player when they ask for patience as they are new to tanking/healing/DPS or the dungeon. Run might take a little longer, but it doesn't feel as long as a "shorter" run with abusive folks!!!

Exactly this. I sometimes get kicked before the first pull simply because I'm a hunter. I tank with my warrior and pally and if someone is rude to me, I block and/or leave. I macro my thank yous and focus and assist the tank. I'm paying for the fun and I am abused, I need to be paid for it.
People telling others to go kill themselves in video games deserve harsh punishment. I hope you reported them, every single time. That being said, thank you for tanking on the pug scene. Tanks and healers deserve a thank you from time to time. Yes, DPS also count in five man content. But without tanks and heals, our queues are agony, and premade groups take longer to get going. Hang in there not everyone is a douche and you do meet cool people pugging.
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09/23/2018 12:52 PMPosted by Zenthrus
Blizzard should quit hiding storyline movies and profession items in dungeons that can only be accessed via PUGs (for those who do not have an active guild).

M M O R P G.

This isn't !@#$ing Final Fantasy, pal.

This isn't a warcraft RTS with a single player campaign.

This game at it's most basic fundamentals is a game designed to be played in groups of people.

Nothing in MMORPG says "group".
09/23/2018 02:09 PMPosted by Drumorr
<span class="truncated">...</span>

He's not wrong though. I've tanked for a few pugs, DPS'ed for a few, and I rarely see a tank get abuse out of nowhere, much less "constantly".

If it happend 50 times, there might be something wrong with your tanking. Is it a good way to point it out ? no.

The first line in my post is depicting that my tanking is good, believe it or not. Tanking is normally not the problem for a highly experienced tank ......
Alright, i may have come to the wrong place to make this point seeing as some of these people dwell here aswell, this is the last I will read/write/ think of this...

For a second I forgot how toxic the lurkers in these forums are as are some of the same trolls from LFG, thanks for the kindness to all those who were decent and understand the problem. cya.

If you are on the internet, then you need a way to filter out the nonsense from the productive noise without taking what some rando says personally.

I tank everything, hard M+, mythic raids, all the LFG stuff, LFR every week too. I run the heroic randoms for satchels even. And i see a lot of disappointing stuff while doing it.

If I want something bad enough to pug for it, i know that I'm going to have to put up with something along the line i don't like. Today, I had the worst LFG heroic pug ever. Atal'dazar, they walked in to every thing, even !@#$ 30 yards away. No one besides myself cast a single interrupt, stun or CC. They took like 5 full burn downs on the totems on the rot boss before they broke them all at once.

I just adapted. The healer was whispering me weird compliments and stuff and !@#$%ing about the dps which i kinda loled at a bit, I think he was terrified of me leaving him with these 3 dps. I just pulled all the crap I knew they were going to walk into , CC the crap i knew they were going to ignore on the last boss and not kill, kited away from the rest. Helped heal a durp standing in death and we finished it with only 1 actual wipe. But I had to carry, it happens.

Tell me to kill me self? Welcome to a Gm e-mail in the morning and my ignore list. No big deal.

Rip me a new one and stop the flow of the dungeon up? %^-*! me out mid M+ and cuss at me? @#$% it I'm hearthing and getting another run. Add to ignore and move on. If you want to try and ruin someones day being a douche don't cry when your key gets the same treatment.

If you're a tank with thick skin and a skill set good enough for the highest keys and mythic raids then you have all the power. Let them rage on, you get another group in 2min. What are they going to do about, reroll tank? Lawl.
09/23/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Caargon
Because PUG players are the human representation of that smell hanging around a bathroom with a toilet that's been peed in without flushing for 3 days.

While I'm always respectful of tanks, this is one of the ugliest, most ignorant, downright vile things I've seen posted about a large portion of the player base in a while -- and it makes me wonder if you're expressing such a powerful loathing to members of your PUG groups.
This is the reason I refuse to PUG anything above M0 - people are mostly elitist dumbasses that are always looking for someone else to blame.
At least you have a useful tank spec.

*Looks at Guardian*
@ Anyone who gets abused in mythic +.... Look for groups named Chill mythic +
Hopefully it catches on and people who just wanna relax clear stuff not pros but basically people who aren't toxic and willing to finish the key even if its not on time.

However if your a tank many guilds should easily scoop you up for mythic + since it is totally a waste if your going in pug group and people are abusing you.
I have story to share while tanking high key.

Got in a group. They ask me to join discord, I did ask them to use the blizzard voice services since it’s there for a reason and pug use it. They refuse to use it, so I join their discord. Once we start the key, I did a pull which they don’t think it’s right, they immediately barrage me with insult and quit the m plus run.

The next issue I have is when I run high key with pug again, it’s the first week of m plus, so I might did few mistake, one of the dps kept dying nonstop on every boss fight and we fail the key for one min, then the dps sent me an barrage of insult and racist comment. One of the random teammate stand up for me and tell him to !@#$. In the end before we reach the chest, he kicked both of us.

I did received a 380 trinket from that dungeon but it’s not an upgrade since I have the same one, that random rogue player stand up for me And I gave it to him since it is bis for dps. In case you are wondering what trinket, it the canon.

I didnt even bother reporting, the last report I gave for racism , Blizz didn’t do anything about it. Even if I do report about it, it’s just ban for few days, who cares about few days and warning. They can just buy a new account in the internet anyways.
I've seen the same crap swing at healers and tanks. And hey, if you cannot provide constructive criticism, just don't message. Noone wants to get whispered tour crybaby rants.

Nice thing about being a DPS is if you mess up, you either get healed or you get a moment to learn from your mistakes while your dead. Noone generally rages.
From my experience dps rage because you
1,Proved to them they are wrong
2, Proved to them they wasted time
3, Proved to them youre better than them
4, Were basicly the only one interrupting
5, Not pulling extras as they did nonstop.
6, Avoiding easy aoe as they get hurt or fail
7, Got loot when they didnt and they rage
8, Stormrage players
09/23/2018 02:15 PMPosted by Beraaht
09/23/2018 02:06 PMPosted by Zachaios
To OP, just shake it off and keep at it. People like to hide behind their keyboards while they live in their parents basement, sipping on their mt. dew and dipping their twinkies in the chocolate syrup while keeping a bucket next to their pc. Not worth the time or effort to be upset about it.

This entire post and especially this part lacks self awareness.

lol ... kettle, meet pot. Feeling a bit defensive, are we?
Should have reported that guy

Blizz takes death threats seriously , that was a very easy silence decision for them
09/23/2018 03:19 PMPosted by Wariya
Should have reported that guy

Blizz takes death threats seriously , that was a very easy silence decision for them

That isn’t a death threat. Learn to read.
Bless you for tanking. I can't tell you how hard it is to find a key you want because I can't get a tank or invite to group that has one.

Ive recently decided I want to learn to tank on my BrM because I'm tired of being inhibited by groups lacking tank, or relying on my friend to be on and want to tank.

I also like the idea of setting my own pace, and picking my own path.

Only problem is I don't know optimal paths, optimal targeting (some times), and optimal positioning mechanics. I do know the dungeons decently well as dps and lately mistweaver, but I'm more hesitant to tank because I know people expect much more and can be cruelly demanding, such as your situation. This I am terrified of even trying to learn to tank because I expect a lot of anger.
M+ is just not meant for pugging. I did a few last expansion with friends. I tanked and I DPS'd on different toons. I would NOT want to do that in a PUG. I'll PUG heroics all day, and I may do some M0's this expansion, but unless I join a guild where people do it, heck if I'm going to tank M+.
I honestly haven't seen anyone curse out a tank in this expac. Honestly most of the time I've even wiped is because of other dps not interrupting, people face pulling, a healer not knowing what they're even doing, or people just generally standing in easily noticeable choreographed aoe. So the fact you've been cursed out/told to kill yourself 50+ times this expac alone seems a bit unbelievable.

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