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I have a new mac book pro (touch bar), i7 - 15 pol. I`d like to play Warcraft III Reign of Chaos. Is it possible to instal ? What I have to do?
09/29/2018 12:13 AMPosted by Calano619198
It seems that Fusion drives lost what to move to the SSD. After playing for a few days, WoW moved back to the SSD.

Also I did notice that WoW changed the game settings on its own after the Mojave update. It dropped the screen resolution back to 5k and the scaling to 100%. Seems the settings there are not really making sense there, since switching from 5k to 2.5 and reducing the scaling to 50% doesn't end up at 1.25 in Fullscreen as you would expect.

Anyway, WoW is back to nearly normal speed after this. Hoping for Blizzard to fix their games as I rather drop software that is not compatible than switching from a Unix OS.

Why is it that Apple is always in the "right" and anyone else is "wrong"?

Apple is not incapable of problems on their machines or there where not be any posts on the Apple support webpages.

Not everything that is "wrong" on a Mac, etc, is the fault of everyone else but the os maker. Apple is not "perfect" in the os area. Their operating systems have had problems just like all others have.

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