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Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
<Hit It and Crit It> Horde 8/8 H Uldir is recruiting Dedicated Raiders for our core Mythic team. Raid times Thu-sat 5pm mst to 8pm mst
What we are looking for: What we are looking for in a guild member is active attendance in raids and keystone runs to maximize gear and role output. We do understand life is more important than a game but if you sign up for a raid or make a commitment on a weekly basis we expect to see you in raid.

What can we offer you?

<NO more oops I forgot a flask/pot> As a guild we supply flasks and potions for in raid for our core team so there is no out of pocket costs. This is due to a well knit community that pitches in consistently and we are able to provide raid mats so we can just focus on completing content.

<Large guild with several skilled players playing from 7am pst to 2am pst> We are a large community of wow players which allows members to almost always have someone to crush content with and assist with your role and spec. We have our dedicated officers who will always lend a hand and out designated class and spec trainers that can answer all of your oddball questions. So, if you're a skilled player looking to crush content or just getting into the game we can assist. Our goal is to make the best player out of you by providing you with the necessary tools.

<No more pugging your key and having to run one of lower level> We love to run keystones and including raids some of the best gear for certain classes are coming out of dungeons these days. We push high keystone and help upgrade lower keystone especially with out core raiders as a major upgrade for you is a benefit to our raid!

<I'm Broke and cant afford a gem/enchant> Our core team is also supplied with gems and enchants from our amazing community of players who are always contributing. At times of course mats run low and we don't expect to do all of your geming and enchanting but we surely will help you in optimizing your toon. Attendance in raids and keystones is also heavily important here as we are not going to hands out freebies to inconsistent players frequently. Not to say we wont help get you started because everyone needs a chance!

<A very supportive and knowledgeable community?> As mentioned before we are here to make you an awesome raider so you can complete some of the more difficult content in the game. It is a game and what is more enjoyable than killing a boss that was challenging and took some dedication and skill to down? Loot obviously, but you need to down the boss before that happens XD. No matter what kind of player you are we have very experienced and skilled players that love to offer a helping hand when and where we can. Our Guild Discord is usually popping off with many of our members doing all kinds of content and good ol' discussions. What we are looking for in a Core Raid Member

<Attendance> Being consistent is a must other than life obligations or emergency's we expect to see you in raid. It is crucial that you have good attendance in raids as it is very important when considering loot and raid spots

<Positive get it done attitudes> Anyone can find a flaw with another player and gripe and moan to them about what they did wrong or start getting frustrated during a raid. It is important to understand that we are all here to enjoy the game and play as the best we can. Stuff happens guys be assured that any major issues will always be addressed by the raid leaders and you need not worry. If you have a complaint or concern feel free to message the raid leaders in a polite manner so that the point is given well.

<Lend a helping Hand> We understand not everyone can be on as much as other members but over time we do enjoy seeing members donate their time and resources the the guild whenever they can. Helping lower geared players gear up or helping push a keystone is just one good example of a way to lend a hand when you have time to do so. Some of us work for a living and can only get on to raid or push a keystone on certain times for the week and that's fine just help out where you can.

<Performance> We need players who are able to execute their role well will favoring mechanics. Turn off your i need a 99% parse mode and execute the fight as well as you can. It is always better to down the boss rather than get a parse on a boss fight. As there is new content coming out knowledge is everything. By knowing and researching fights you as a skilled player of your class will be able to map out when is the best time to use certain cd's and abilities to best complete the encounter.

If you enjoy what you read here please contact the following officers on Mok'Nathal or add me to battletage. Be sure to attach a note when you send the request so I know who you are and a little bit about you

my battle.net tag is TheWolvesden#1360

Be sure to drop a comment down below for inquiries etc

Lothgow - Mok'Nathal Guildmaster

Kvotheblood - Mok'Nathal Officer

Rubilocks- Mok'Nathal Officer
<Hit It and Crit It>
[Horde] [US] Mok'nathal
8/8 H Uldir
1/8 Mythic Uldir
Raid times Thu-Sat 5-8pm pst
Actively recruiting
Mistweaver monk
Windwalker monk
Havoc demonhunter
Restoration shaman
*Raid consumables provided
*Dedicated core roster for over 5 years
*Constant mythic + runs
* over 200 active players daily
Message me for more information

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