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09/17/2018 02:21 PMPosted by Lustroissra
Taalva, you have a simple, but really nice mog. It's nicely put together, 9/10

I like your mog. It's complex, but it's fun and really conveys this sort of duelist vibe. 9/10.


I like the Priestly vibe your mage is putting off.
Nice set, matches your hair surprisingly well. 8.5/10
@Longstrider 9.5/10 Love the look and a nice blend of different sets to make a nice, lightly-armored sniper that really works well with an Elven aesthetic. Noice.
I feel like its a bit too generic. Many of the pieces I think could be improved significantly. Afraid I am gonna need to go with 2/10.
10/10 - Behold, the terrifying Fel Gnome. I love it.
Golkraa you look about as close to the WC3 shaman unit as you could get in this game, haha. It is impressive how well those colors go together without being a named set. 10/10
The single shoulder is the star of the transmog, naturally. It goes very well with the tabard, but I’m not so sure about the rest of the armor. The little armor plates awkwardly placed over the hooves look more like kiddie shoes than armor. I give it a 6 out of 10.
Tier 10 is all around one of my favorite tier sets so you get a few points on that alone.

My only real complaint is that I really, really dislike the those types of belts, I actually prefer hiding belts on most robes.

All in all, you definitely look like a cultist 8/10

I like the minimal and sleek look you have going. I like the staff model as well.

I absolutely love the look, but on the other hand, half of it's a set. I'm bound by whatever transmog gods are out there that I have to take points away from it, but I still think it quintessentially screams "Dwarf".
Hmm. I'd say a 5/10 It feels kinda plain and generic to me, but it doesn't look bad either. Maybe I need more context to understand exactly what you going for.
Ten out of Ten that is one really well done Pirate outfit you have going there.

Those glasses make it great
Very purple, and much kudos for a Paladin using the old Argent-model blade as their weapon. The shield works but god DAMN do the older generation of models clash with the sleek new pixels that Warlords, Legion and B4A gave us.

9/10, the only reason it's not higher is the belt, cloak and shield irk my inner pixel-snob.
10/10 - I’ve always loved the “Huginn & Muninn” raven shoulders. The golden glow of the tome is a little off-putting, but overall I like what you’ve done.

Kor’s a born and bred son of Gorgrond and is armed and armored with an array of inherited family heirlooms, artifacts culled and crafted from the hide of a mighty Magnaron, prey taken down by a Blackrock hunting party in which one of his forebears rode. Despite farming for the chest since WoD, I’ve yet to see it drop, so the tabard remains to conceal my poor fortune.
(I feel like we just did one of these threads >.> Oh well! They're fun, so whatevah!)

9/10 - I really like that your reds go together. Too often I see folks who get colors that are just a teeny bit off, and no other theme color to tie them in. I also like that your secondary colors match and your hair/beard actually goes with everything.

I knocked a point off because I am a little disappointed that so many pieces are hidden (the only one I give a full pass to are tabards, because you can cover up a lot of sins with a tabard). Otherwise, hidden pieces seems like a bit of a cheese. I also wonder how many pieces are part of a set. Pieces that are designed to go together are an easy way to build a look, and so too many of those will also make me inclined to knock points off. But I was/am feeling lazy so I didn't look them up. I only dinged for the hidden pieces. ;)
Great look going on there but that boot choice is hurting it for me
I really like the look you were going for there, but I have to take points off because going from high poly to low poly looks terrible.

9/10 I'd say. I love the color scheme and it totally reminds me of something straight from Wrath of the Lich King which is one of my all time favorites. The overall theme and colors just seem to flow so well together and the eerie crystal sword is a lovely touch.

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