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Honestly think it's kinda flawed I'm still receiving rep missions for a faction I'm already exalted with, it literally does nothing but take away missions I could actually want. Got 3 missions for 7th Legion on my Hunter at the same time while already exalted, that's 3 missions that could've been something useful.

World quests on the other hand, bonus rep ones should give gold or resources if you are already exalted. The paragon system was not carried over to BFA meaning rep rewards are worthless past exalted.

Could also give a BoA token for that rep if you are exalted, so exalted characters can help their alts get exalted, like back in legion, cept since paragon isn't a thing they shouldn't be 1500 rep ones but just what you would've received as a reward. So for example a 7th legion bonus rep WQ gives 100 rep, turn it into a 100 rep token. A Champions one would give 200 rep, turn it into a 200 token. Tortollan 250 etc. Same with missions. Turn them into 100, 200, 300, 400 rep reward missions and give a token as reward and bonus reward of equivalent values (like the missions already are).
Agreed wholeheartedly.
Seriously. On my main I log in - check the table only to find rep missions for ones I am already exalted at - look at Emissaries and find they are for reps I am already exalted at and rewards pittances, and then log out. It's like a 45 second session.
Update: A blue post has confirmed they are planning on reintroducing the paragon system in a later patch.

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