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About Me:
Hello friends, I am a multi class player who is looking for a new home since my last guild threw in the towel. My current progression is only 3/8H but I've raided high-end content at the relevant time in past expansions and know what it takes to be a quality raider in a raiding core.


Currently my DK is my main and I am a very capable at tanking or DPS, and though I will often say I prefer being considered a DPS main, at the end of the day I will more than happily tank when needed or for mythic dungeons.

I also have a DH @ 348, and a Monk who I'm working on gearing. I am more than willing to swap to one of these classes if it suits your guild's needs better, or even boost and quickly setup another class (with the intentions of DPS) should it be requested.

What I'm looking for:
I am flexible with raid times and faction. All I seek is a guild with a stable leadership that has the energy and knowledge to maintain and run a mythic raiding guild.

Thank you for reading & your consideration. If you're interested please post information about your guild and I will be in touch.


Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

Currently we are not recruiting any new raiders for our core, but we are happy to offer a home to any new and old players.

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

I think my guild <Syntax Error> on Mal'ganis might be a good fit for you. We're a group of experienced mythic raiders pushing for Cutting Edge on a 2x 6/hour per week raid schedule. We're mostly ex-hardcore raiders or adult players who can no longer commit to the crazy schedules. Our raid lead has been leading groups since vanilla. We are recruiting 5 more DPS to fill out our 20 man roster. Our current progression is 2/8H.

We raid Tuesday / Friday 9 - 12 CST. There is optional Normal Thursday runs 9 - 12 CST. We also have groups running M+ daily. We're mostly a group of working adults or college / grad students so we never schedule anything on the weekends, however we have plenty of people online wanting to play.

We are high need for a DK DPS!

If you're interested my btag is BlueIntimacy#1855 and my discord is BlueIntimacy#1207

For a faster response, message me via Discord.
Hellooooooo Popster!

<Immortals> is a 3/8H recruiting for Uldir.

Immortals has been an active raiding guild for over 4 years now. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. We're current seeking like minded people who want to do some Mythic raiding.

What we're looking for: Players who want to raid Mythic, of course!

Specifically, we're looking for a Tank, DPS and 1m Healer. We'd love for you to join us!

When we're looking for it: Now!
We've almost built our Mythic roster, but we need just a few more awesome people to get us where we want to be. So many other guilds will fold under the pressure, but not Immortals! Join us and have some fun!

What time was that?

Raid times are Mythic Tuesday / Thursday 8-11pm PST (11pm - 2am EST)
Casual runs for alts & members that need gear Wednesday / Sunday (Funday!) 8-11pm PST (11pm - 2am EST)

Why should I join you?

Because we value sexy dwarves, we like toast, we play other games together (see Diablo III), we're welcoming, we're altoholics, we post random videos in discord chat (view at your own risk). We kill mythic stuff. Maybe not as fast as the best and fastest on the server, but we'll get there. Faster than a good number! Maybe if you join us we'll get there even faster!

What if I just want to hang out in guild and level? Do you do other stuff?

That's awesome! We have some casual members and there's normally someone doing something around. Our main focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, pet battles, PvP, level alts, do old content. We like having people around, even if your schedule or play style mean you can't join in raiding shenanigans. We have some "intro to raiding" nights on Wed/Sun for those who have never raided but want to try.

You're so awesome, I want in!

Sweet. You can add my btag (Validas#1299) or our raid leader Skarlettx's (Lakota#1563). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through a whisper. Will love you long time. Cookies and toaster pastries for all!
[H] <Snowfall> is a guild of former top 20 US raiders on the server Illidan. We are currently recruiting for Uldir Mythic Progression.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:30pm to 11pm CST (Illidan Server Time)

About Us: The leadership of Snowfall are all raiders who have been playing since Vanilla and have raided at the top level during multiple expansions. The leadership core has been raiding together since Cataclysm and late WoD respectively.

Our Recruitment post and Application are linked below for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns, below are the BattleTags of our officer core.

Snow#1374 - Guild Master
Gallien#1926 - Raid Lead, Healing Lead
Razorback#1384 - Officer
We're interested and I think you'd be a great fit! Add one of us and let's talk. I’m best reached via Discord.

Muk // Btag: Pro#1435 // Discord: Muk#3230
Kuryso // Btag: Keoke#1367 // Discord: Keoke#5039
Minimandruid // Btag: Minimanlow#9481 // Discord: Minimanlow#9481
more info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766646572
09/05/2018 10:14 AMPosted by Funky
<Loss> of Tichondrius-US is recruiting exceptional players for current and future content.

Current Progression:

Current Class Needs:
  • Restoration Shaman - HIGH
  • Mistweaver Monk - HIGH
  • Rogues - HIGH
  • Warlocks - HIGH
  • If your class isn't on the list and you're a solid player feel free to apply anyways!
    We always consider skilled players to add to our core.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday/Wednesday 8:00 - 11:00 PM PST (server time)
    Invites are at 7:45PM!

    Why <Loss>?
    <Loss> is an endgame progression guild that raids casual hours. We work together to accomplish the hardest content in the game while keeping our social lives intact.

    We have only one objective in mind: PROGRESS.

    We have weekly M+ contests, highest key each week gets a $5k gold reward that doubles each consecutive week you win. We also engage in War Mode PvP and BGs on a regular basis. Looking to build the PvP aspect of our teams starting in BFA.

    <Loss> recruits on the basis of character and raid performance. If either of these is lacking, we don't want you. Fast learners that can exceed under pressure without sacrificing your life to raid 4 or 5 days a week should seek out an officer in-game for a trial.

    We are always striving to get better and add skilled players to our team. We have an active core and a fun environment. Many people play other games as well on off-nights.

    We like to have a good time, but also know when to get things done.

    Our raiders have significant experience in gaming competitively and raiding previous and current content. We also are passionate about maximizing our classes and roles - we are constantly looking for ways to improve and take constructive criticism. We expect you to adapt to random situations, and have no issues with being aware of your surroundings.

    We expect vocal communication when required.
    It's self explanatory. If you need to say something, say it. If we ask you a question, don't say "I don't know."

    There is no drama here.
    This is a game, we all play to have fun. Leave your personal vendettas at the login screen!

    We will NOT waste your time, do NOT waste ours.
    You're expected to be on time and ready to pull at 7:45PM.

    If you think you have the skill and attitude to belong in <Loss> we would love to hear from you.

    Please join our discord and head to the #guild-recruitment text channel, follow the link for our application and fill one out! Once submitted, shoot us a message back on discord in the #application-review channel letting us know you've completed the process!

    <Loss> Discord:
    Hi,we've looked at your logs and we’re interested in recruiting you as a trial to <Evocati-Area52>!
    We are a fairly fresh guild with a roster full of very high rated M+ players and talented 11/11M raiders. Even though we are fresh, our current roster is already pretty near full of extremely talented players. We’re heading into a new expansion, a new raid, with a new roster, however we’re still striving to get top 100 US by the end of the tier. All of our raiders are skilled, and competition is something we promote in the guild, ontop of having 3 raid days a week, should make that goal feasible even for a fresh guild.

    Raid times:
      Tuesday 7-10 p.m EST
      Wednesday 7-10 p.m EST
      Thursday 7-10 p.m EST

    We are currently 1/8M and 8/8H and since we are still fairly new, we have made major adjustments to our roster the past 2 weeks to drop dead weight or players who aren’t playing at the level we’re looking to compete at, but here are our guild logs from heroic Uldir. We expect to be 2/8 or ⅜ mythic next week minimum.


    And here are some of our logs from legion (including mine).


    What we expect from you
      Reliability. Be on time, but we understand if real life happens every now and again.

      Skill. You are expected to play at a high level and consistently be working to improve your play.

      Gear. You are expected to keep getting gear and maximizing your output. When the first raid tier is out, we expect you to be up-to-date and ready to rock.

      Accountability. We expect you to mess up occasionally because we aren’t robots, but you are also expected to own up to your mistakes and not make them repeatedly. Placing your blame on others will not be tolerated. If we call you out, we don't do it to embarrass you, we do it so you can realize your mistake and break the habit, it's out of pure love <3.

      Don’t be a douche. Nobody wants to spend 9 hours a week with a guy who doesn’t stop talking about fortnite. Nobody wants to spend the raid week with the guy who whines about parses or the guy who blames everyone but themselves. Don’t be that guy.

    What you can expect from us
      Fairness. We won’t let people be blamed for something they didn’t do.

      An enjoyable raid environment. Our raid leader is quite relaxed as well as experienced leading a US 50 guild. We all try to have fun while playing at the highest level possible.

      No carrying. We love our friends and family, but we also love getting bosses down. If someone isn’t carrying their weight, they will get replaced. We’re not gonna waste nineteen other people's time, just to make one person happy.

      Everything we expect from you, you can also expect from us.

    If you are interested in trialing, please add Sonar#11232, hoping to hear back from ya :)
    <Crimson Vigil> [H][US][Area 52] is built from a core of returning/current Mythic and Top-50 to Top-100 US players. Most of the core are players who have already attained 11/11M CE and many other Cutting Edge from raids through the years. We are seeking other like-minded competitive players that want to push and better themselves both individually and as a group. The main goal we have for BFA and on will be to achieve Cutting Edge and push for Top-100 US.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Wednesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Thursday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)

    As a guild, we can provide you with multiple beneficial aspects:

    -A durable guild that will last for many raid tiers to come
    -During progression, we will supply all consumables and repairs
    -Cutting Edge progression under a reasonable 9-hour schedule
    -Performance feedback when necessary to help each raider be their very best

    As a guild, we also expect a few things from our players:

    -Knowledge of the class that you are playing as well as an ability to play it at a high skill level
    -Prior raiding experience is required, Mythic experience is a powerful addition
    -Discord, a working microphone, and the ability to communicate with others when necessary
    -The drive to take the time to learn and study fights ahead of time
    -Staying up-to-date with gems and enchants for your gear
    -Keeping a calm mind, staying patient, and being able to take/give constructive criticism

    We currently have semi-open recruitment as we finish building our roster.
    Spots open include:
  • Rogue
  • Death Knight
  • Shaman
  • Boomkin
  • Hunter
  • Any competent and exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

    If interested in joining us for BFA or you have questions, please post a reply below with your contact information. Alternatively, you can add any of us below:
    GM – Vala#12386 (Btag)
    Recruiting/DPS – Sejul#11367 (Btag) Sejul#7829 (Discord)
    Divinity is a former Top U.S. #6 Guild that has been around since 2008. Looking for more solid players like yourself. Currently has top-tier World M+ players and Heroic 5/8 Uldir.

    Raid Schedule:
    All times are MST, which is also the Kel'thuzad realm time.
    ● Tuesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    ● Sunday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Battle.net -- Above#1741
    Discord -- Clear#6637
    more info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766646572
    <Keep Summer Safe> on [Bleeding Hollow] is seeking competent and knowledgeable raiders for progression. Our guild/raid leader raided with <Vodka> and is one of the premiere Shadow priests on NA servers. We’re a group of experienced players that are looking for the same.

    What we’re looking for right now:
    2 Mages
    BM or MM hunter
    Tank – Blood DK, Brewmaster, Protection Paladin preferred

    Raiding Schedule:
    Mon-Wed 8:30-11:30pm server (EST)

    6/8H https://raider.io/guilds/us/bleeding-hollow/Keep%20Summer%20Safe

    Who gets a spot:
    We value attendance and competency. Improvement is highly valued and we will do our best to provide you with the tools you need to get there, but in the end, it’s up to you.

    What we expect from you:
    Punctuality, regular attendance, communication (both in game & schedule-wise).
    Know your character’s class & specs. Be knowledgeable about more advanced theory (simming, talent builds, etc).
    Research the bosses ahead of raid
    DBM or BigWigs (preferred).

    Other things we do:
    Mythic+ (several of us have pushed +20s in legion)
    BGs, world PvP, and arenas

    Trial requirements:
    Ilvl 350

    Contact one of us to start the ball rolling!
    Discord –

    Melee DPS
    DPS with OT spec
    any HEALS

    <Ropegang> A semi hardcore progression guild on Frostmourne RECRUITING CORE!, Run by experienced GM/Officer's with great leadership skills. If your looking for a fresh start in a new guild or transferred from horde we could be your fit! We always like to find the fine line between semi hardcore raiding and still having fun and enjoying each other’s company with mythic+, pvp, discord etc.

    When we aren’t raiding we are gearing people up via M+ keys or pushing hard to get the 10+! We have a small group that loves to world pvp n most times if its red it dead!

    Know the encounter: you should be able to come to raid with good understanding have flasks/food.

    Raid Times:
    Time is in PST - Frostmourne
    Wednesday: 6:30-9:30pm
    Friday: 6:30 - 9:30pm
    Sunday: 6:30-9:30pm

    Alternatively, get in contact IN-GAME or via BNET.

    Oganius (GM) - Shigz#1485
    Alwayslucky (CM) - brandon92#1794
    If you’re still looking be sure to hit us up!

    Hello! If you are still looking for a guild, <Symbiosis> is an Alliance guild on Sen'jin/Quel'dorei. We are 7/8H and 1/8M currently. We are actively looking for a dps who is capable of swapping to be a 3rd tank for mythic fights where it is necessary.
    Our raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-10pm CST. (8-11 EST, 5-8 PST)
    We use RCLootCouncil to help distribute gear that is tradeable in raids.
    We use Discord for communications.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at Cyndreya#1336 (btag), Cyndreya#5147 (discord).
    Thank you for your time :)

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