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Question I'd like to hear answers from my fellow RP'ers on WRA about.

Characters with Titles and/or Ranks like
Specific Ranks like General, Champion/Major, Sgt, Ect
or Nobility for I guess the Alliance Lord/Lady, Count/Countess, Duke, Ect

When people give themselves these ranks but then you get into a conflict with them and they throw said title/rank around How should you react ?

Back in WotLK I named Kiethoo an Overlord. I tried to avoid ever talking down or pushing my rank on anyone else, but I kept the flavor of it for the fun parts. If I saw someone in Grunt Armor I would salute them or I might walk up and ask them questions or tell them to sharpen that Axe!

For story reasons during Cata I had Kiethoo get demoted by Malkrok down to grunt even switching back to Grunt armor for awhile, then a oathbreaker during the rebellion.

Thanks to Prier and some other great Hordies, I was able to get my Grunt Title on Kiethoo and then Sgt.

So since I had the Sgt title, I made Kiethoo a "Kor'Kron" Sgt. after Mists was over.

Now and then I'll run into someone with a higher RP Rank that talks down to me and I just sorta accept it, as either part of my having been demoted or the tainted stain of being a Kor'Kron after Garrosh.

But how do you feel about people who have RP Titles and flaunt their "power" ?
Should people only use PVP Titles as there RP Ranks?
Would you be willing to knuckle under in RP if someone "above" your place in the world came down on you?
Every other human I see is Lord or Lady, Duke, Dutchess. It's slightly annoying, though I ignore it for the most part.

None of my characters have RP titles, as I see no need for them. If someone wants to act more important than me because of one, then sadly that RP won't go far.
I want to preface by saying that I'm very over this theme of people buying carries/pilots so that they can roleplay as High Warlord and then lord over people. It's never the people that actually earned it that do it, either (in my experience ofc).

One infamous BE warrior tried to whip out his obviously purchased High Warlord to start bossing my old military guild around and I flat out ICly asked him how much it cost. He stopped wearing it after that and started hiding his achievements. I find the whole thing frankly embarrassing.

In military RP, you salute people of higher ranking and move on. Chain of command exists and them saying they're personally your superior is honestly just power gaming.

People can RP whatever they want. People with high rating in arenas don't hold monopoly over the concept of gladiators.

That said, I never really read people's titles next to their names or in their RP profile. I wear Vanquisher on all of my characters and it's purely for OOC purposes. I don't care for people's TRP titles unless they're accompanied with a cool story. I have the damndest time filling that field for this character for that reason, so I just leave it pretty generic.
I acknowledge and respect pvp titles.

But if someone is getting uppity about it

"I dont actually report to you."
Honestly, from what I can tell from my numerous failed attempts to push up to at LEAST 2k in rated Battlegrounds to match my toon's RP title, if I ever actually got up to Grand Marshal I'd be too damn tired to swing it around.
Someone did try to pull rank on Kass once, so I did what she would do: Sneer and walk past them.
Generally speaking, goblins are not known for their discipline, so they just kind of accepted it.

I generally think of Kass as “lawful” in that she follows a very strict code, but it’s her own, ever-changing personal code, and she’s arrogant enough to believe that all other laws and heirarchies outside of that code are optional.
I used the Magister title back in the day, but never used it to lord over other players. I'm not a fan of players using these such high authority titles simply due to the fact the majority of them have a god complex OOCly, and are using it to order around other people for their own amusement.

My only suggestion to anyone who uses those titles. Keep it to your TRP/MRP. Keep it within an inner circle. Guild, group of friends. But don't flop out your e-peen onto strangers who don't recognize your titles.
For me, there has to be some reason for the character to have the rank, even if they earn it through PVP - some actual substantial RP, or backstory, giving sufficient insight as to how the character reached what they're at now. To me, it's just boring if the character is "born" at their peak, without anything building up to it.

For example, Caldrice started as a Risen in DoA, back when we had it as a rank, and climbed the ladder steadily until reaching the top as High Executor over the span of several years. Although he has this rank in the guild and is the leader of the guild as a whole, it's also a matter of jurisdiction.

Would he, or I, flaunt this rank, or hold it over lower ranking members of other Forsaken guilds? Absolutely not, because with different branches of any faction, or sub-faction, comes a different chain of command for those people to answer to.
Personally, I RP Ji as being a scribe/alchemist/medic of the Shado-Pan who is not trusted AT ALL to command anyone. The one time she did, it ended with someone being poisoned... by Ji because of 'mixed up vials'. Because she's a Shado-Pan, I see it as her being a part of the secret police of Pandaria, but she never flaunts her rank or service. It's just kinda job for her.

For other people who try to push their rank onto others... just don't. It reminds me of the time that Ji was standing around in Silvermoon and a bunch of belfs started bothering her for writing about the Void when the Void is outlawed and they pretty much tried to make me leave Silvermoon. Nope. I'm not doing that. Power gaming is ridiculous and people who do it are confusing and infuriating to me.
I use the Conquorer title because I am proud of it OOC and I figure it makes sense IC because... he earned it, I guess.

But I don't see it as a military rank as much as a sign he was honored for the time he has spent in battle with the various Horde factions. So maybe more of an honorary one? I don't know what the RL equivalent would be. I definitely don't go around demanding subservience from others, and I also don't ICily recognize people who claim theirs unless they have some believable RP to back it up. Same as being skeptical of people in taverns bragging about their IC achievements unless they can prove it.

But I also like the idea of people using ingame mechanics to supplement their IC. I suppose it is a case by case basis of how much the person in question is a jerk about it.
Kudos to people who have the titles through PvP, and I don't necessarily begrudge the folks who use the titles for their characters because they're in a military guild and it's relevant, but there isn't a quicker way to look like a douche than to give yourself some high and mighty title and expect the masses to respect or fear you.

Thankfully we're at a point where I think we all know not to feel bad about not wanting to RP with someone for whatever reason and telling them off if they try to shove some narrative down our throats.
I admit I sometimes get a good laugh at the profiles I see that have tons of titles in the title bar to the point that it's just ridiculous. A few to give you a sense of the character is fine imo, something like enchanter, medic, mercenary w/e I think are helpful hints to start RP. Yet some folks take it a bit too far and it's just overkill.

Mine are almost always BS and are there as the result of some sorta joke. Once I was Versca the Bully, another time I was Revolutionary Girl Versca, otherwise I typically use Merrymaker and Fabulous as my go to titles. None of the in game titles fit Versca except maybe Death Stalker but that's a stupid Alliance rank uggghh.

Once in SMC I had someone try to push me around with their title and gladiator PVP mount but since I'm like 99% just BSing around I threw a turnip at em and they got real real mad. Since I wasn't really in the mood I just threw more toys at them until they left me alone.
09/19/2018 09:33 PMPosted by Versca
Once in SMC I had someone try to push me around with their title and gladiator PVP mount but since I'm like 99% just BSing around I threw a turnip at em and they got real real mad.

I know who you're referring to and they 100% purchased it, just to make it all the more redonk.
09/19/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Kiethoo
When people give themselves these ranks but then you get into a conflict with them and they throw said title/rank around How should you react ?

"Well I didn't vote for you."
09/19/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Kiethoo
How should you react ?

...in his character development he's grown more and more disheartened by people in positions of power, the only thing I'd be certain to mention about his psyche is his absolute drive to negate any form of illegitimate authority.
He's a scientist, so he values TRUTH, reason and substance above all ELSE. Brutes and savages only respect absolute power, if the character can't back that !@# up, he's gonna be shanked, by either him or a hired brute.

Plague takes pleasure in deceiving characters who are unaware of his achievements, he's humble and just wears apothecary robes, but he's also a former High Executor.
I am the Queen of Trash, and you WILL respect my ranking.
Not a PvP title, but I busted my !@# trying to get this captain title despite having not played WoD at all. It makes me happy whenever I see the title in front of my name.

I am a $%^-ty pirate captain and I want you all to acknowledge it please. Or I'll cry.
09/19/2018 05:33 PMPosted by Fateweaver
I have the damndest time filling that field for this character for that reason, so I just leave it pretty generic.

If I were you, I'd use <Weaver of Fate>. But that's just me.

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