<Effortless> Recruiting All

If you are looking for a semi-hardcore raid environment with competent raiders that like to push content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 2 nights per week (6 hours) we are for you. We actively partake in discussions on our Guild Discord whether it be boss strategies, class discussions, or just general bs'ing, feel free to check out our Discord.

BFA progression: 8/8 Heroic - 1/8 Mythic

Legion Progression: AOTC every Teir.

Faction: Horde

Raid Times:
Tuesday 8-11pm EST
Wednesday 8-11pm EST

Optional Thursday will take place for alt runs, ache runs, old raids, etc. 8-11 EST

Currently Needing:

Range: Hunter, Boomkin, Shaman, Warlock, Shadow Priest

Melee: Warrior, DK, Monk, Feral Druid.

Tank: Close

Healer: Open

What can you expect from us?
-Stress Free raid environment.
-People willing to help you fix your mistakes.
-We are a bench free community. (Normal and Heroic ONLY)
-Very active and social Environment (Inside and outside of Raids).
-Active discord throughout the day/Night.

-Be on time
-Be able to take criticism.
-Have Discord for voice communication
-Have installed the required add-ons

-Deadly Boss Mods
-Exorsus Raid Tools
-Details or other damage meter

-Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.)
-Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times
-Join in on meetings and discussions held by the Guild and Raid Members as requested.

feel free to contact in game Villdraine (GraveDigger#11179)

I'd love to join your guild as the off-tank.

Cleared 7/8 Normal and 5/8 Heroic.

Send me an invite or feel free to message in-game. :)

Zelentor (Zelent#1487)
Hey guys,

I play with Zelentor and am also interested.

Cleared 7/8 normal and 5/8 heroic.


In-game: Fome (liquidbling#1422)
Hello :)

I am very interested in joining your guild (Zele, Fome and I play together)

cleared 8/8 normal and 3/8 heroic

I main Ret, but I also have a DH (havoc/veng) and a DK (I can play frost/unholy)

khalan9#1215 (aneal)

(edit we just 8/8 normal :D )
If the offtank position is still available i would be interested... I am 8/8N 7/8H 1/8M experienced. Mystevios#1314 (Sarentum)
Sorry Sarentum, we just filled the last slot for offtank. But thank you for your interest.
Still looking for more.
Still looking for more
We need more good players.

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