Concentrated Sigils

Demon Hunter
"All Sigils are now targeted at your location"

Should this be changed? It feels a tad pointless since you can easily do the same with a [@player] macro, and not lose the ability to cast them at a distance if you want to.

I'm currently going with Quickened as default. Althoug the extra 2 seconds from Concentrated are nice, I feel that losing the possibility of positioning Sigils elsewhere make it nor worth picking.
i agree. i use the macro for all my sigils now but i took the one that pulls everyone to me. i find it helpful for the hunters that wont move.

there is also @mouse or something like to put at your mouse pointer. i dont like that one though because my mouse is randomly somewhere other than where i want at all times
09/13/2018 06:23 AMPosted by Unpleasant
It feels a tad pointless

Id say that entire row is pointless, all should be made baseline except concentrated. Only thing baseline from concentrated should be the duration, should still let you target it.

Chains is by far the best for dungeons. Quickened is better for raids,
Chains is good but I find the 1,5m cooldown just too long. I think it should be 1m tops, for what it is.

Comparatively, I find both an AoE silence and AoE disorient stronger than just a pull (convenient as that pull might be). And you can get those down to 48s and 1,2m respectively.

I might go for Chains if there's a specific, really messy pull I know I'll have to deal with, but otherwise I find having more frequent silences and disorients more useful.

Also, the 1 second activation is kind of a big deal in fights where mobs move too much. So generally speaking it's my go-to talent.
I'm convinced that the only reason Concentrated Sigils has that effect anymore is because otherwise, the talent would be by far the dullest talent on an already very dull row. That, and maybe to add a bit of a "punishment" factor to the talent.

Honestly, I think that talent tier would be a lot better by making it a choice between 3 utility sigils. Like Sigil of Chains, an AoE snare or root sigil, and something else like a knocback or AoE purge or something. That, or make the third one the CD reduction azerite trait, so we don't have to gamble on getting the right armor to have that effect.

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