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I just made a long post about this issue and it was deleted. I don't know why. So, I'll try again and be more on point.

Ever since BFA (and I'm assuming due to the GCD changes), I've had a serious problem spamming my smite. After casting one smite, normally I would go to queue up another as the cast finishes before the GCD is up. So about half or quarter way before GCD finishes I queue up another smite. However, before the "next" smite can start casting, there is a sort of.. hiccup? My abilities flash as if the GCD has been activated but stops immediately (like when you move to intentionally stop casting).

I have tried "/console SpellQueueWindow" changes, but nothing changes. I have used my battle.net balance to transfer to a lower pop realm that's in my timezone in order to lower my in-game latency, which sits consistently between 27-30ms home and world. There is no change. This error is incredibly disruptive as a Discipline priest, and is quite upsetting when trying to be an efficient healer.

Please, if there is any kind of fix or solution to this, reply to this post. Thank you in advance.
You can safely identify whether this has been caused by an addon you installed or a setting you changed by first exiting the game, then going into your World of Warcraft directory and renaming the "Interface" folder to "Interface_backup", and your "WTF" folder to "WTF_backup", then launching the game and trying to cast.

If this solves your problem then you know it's either an addon changing one of your settings or one of the settings you've manually changed at some point.

To restore your addons and settings you can close the game, delete any new "Interface" or "WTF" directories the game has recreated for you, and rename the folders back to what they were.
When looking to reduce latency, please be aware that the time zone of the server is not relevant.

The relevant factor in terms of latency is your proximity to the data center where the server is hosted.


That lists the realms by datacenter, assuming you are in the US/Canada/Mexico you should look for a server in either LA or Chicago depending on where you live. There is also a datacenter in Australia, but I believe that only hosts AUS and Oceanic realms.
You're not the first person to report issues with smite like this. I would report this as a bug

Chances are the internet ate your last post. It happens.
Try using the set cvar method to set the queue back to the default 400ms. There's really no benefit to lowering it as a caster.
/run SetCVar("SpellQueueWindow",400)

Also, there were no GCD changes to Smite made in BFA.

If you're using any /stopcasting, /cqs commands in your macros I'd strongly recommend removing them. Also, if you using any [nochanneling:Penance] command sets can you post the macros for review? All these things can break the spell queue.

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